Monday, November 17, 2014

Rise Above

 We are weighed down here; held to Earth by the force of Gravity that pulls on bone and sinew.

We shed pounds to lighten the load on knees and hips that take the brunt of the force, but what about the weight that can't be shed on a treadmill?

What about the force that pulls on heart and soul, the weight that's just as heavy but totally unexpected. The sickness, the job loss, the end of a relationship. This weight is just as real, just as heavy but can't be lifted as easily.

It requires something more. It requires the deep determination of a bird flapping its wings, lifting itself off the ground in defiance of gravity. Every sinew, every tendon, hollow bones, soft feathers, working in unison to rise above the forces holding the bird...holding the ground.

It has been over a month since I've written anything here.
On October 11th, I went into the E.R. with stomach pain and ended up down an organ. The appendectomy was flawless, but a week later I was doubled over with a hematoma in my abdomen. Back into the hospital for a drain and a week of IV antibiotics. Went home with the drain, after another procedure to insert a larger tube. The drain removal turned into another infection...
It seems so painless to sum up an entire month into a few sentences, but I've never been in the hospital (besides giving birth) and the weight of the past month was some of the heaviest that I've ever experienced.
Being sick is so much more than physical and pain in your body wears on your heart. CT scans and IV's and drawing blood and not sleeping because nurses are taking vitals every two hours.
Not being home with your baby and being unable to do even the most simple household chores when you are home. Relying on another person to wash your hair and help you clean your body. It's a humbling, scary, tiring, trying, and overwhelming experience and it's just been in the past few days that I've felt human again.
I made this series of bangles before this all started, but looking at them today, holding them in my hands and turning them to catch the light, I studied the wings I had cut with my saw, the tension I had tried to capture in copper and I felt like I was rising above, much like the birds.
12 gauge copper bangles, hand cut birds riveted to armor-like plates.
The whole bangle hammered and patinated with tiny turquoise dangles for movement and sound.
There are four of these in small, medium and large sizes and they are HERE.
Rise Above.


  1. Hope you are on your way to best health soon, Marcie... that elusive and happy state so invisible in its presence and unbelievably heavy in its absence, as you so aptly describe.

    Exquisite birds :)

  2. Oh my Marcie!! I'm so sorry to hear about your recent health troubles. I hope you are back to 100% soon. Your bangles are gorgeous. I'm loving all your metal work of late!

  3. I am glad you are feeling better and sorry you have been so sick. I do love the birds and all of your metal work is so beautiful.