Friday, February 7, 2014


You were thinkin' burgers weren't you?
Hoping for a recipe? Gettin' hungry?
Sorry, no meat patties here.
Instead, I've got copper sliders, riveted and textured for leather wrap bracelets.
I still can't get the Southwest and Native American themes out of my head and these bracelet charms definitely reflect that. The first is a hand-cut feather soldered to a textured backplate.
I wanted to capture the feather as though it were floating gracefully to the ground, dropped, unknowingly by an eagle in flight.

Turquoise rondelles dangle from underneath the feather and I've shown in here on a deep chocolate brown leather wrap.
These are small, but they represent patient sawing, careful measuring, and each rivet, a dozen tiny taps of the hammer. 

The second slider is an arrow in flight, the Native American symbol for protection.
I've hammered and textured the copper and added a hand-rubbed patina.

This one also sports the turquoise.
It's not a lot of color, just a shot, but the dangles make a lovely jingle as you move your arms.
With each of the sliders, I've riveted the two plates to each other with just enough space to slide the leather bracelet through.

I've got a whole page in my journal of sketches for different sliders, but these are the first.

And I've listed both of them here. 


  1. You are just so danged impressive. This is a great design, both of them. Truly unique! I am suffering from 'how many materials should I have on hand to start playing with my torch" paralysis. I need to just order something, dang it. I think I will go and do just that! Enjoy the day. Erin

  2. These are both lovely! I love what you do with the saw.