Friday, August 16, 2013

Ring, Rang, Rung

It's no secret I like my rings.
So, I was really excited to see that rings are in for this season and they're popping up in a dozen different incarnations.
My personal favs?
Here they are:
The thick and chunky...
done perfectly here and ingeniously I might add with braille dots forming the phrase "I love you" from Cuprum29.
The cuff ring....
done here in Rose Gold with your personal initials from MonogramMfg.

The delicate and dressy...
in Gold here with tiny birthstones from ChincharMaloney.

The unique and textural...
hand carved from bronze and silver by LeahBall.

The colorful showstopper...
crafted from geodes in shades of gray by Luxdivine.

These are just the examples I could fit in this post!
What's your favorite ring trend of the season?

1 comment:

  1. Ohhh those geode rings are delicious! I have a love affair with rings too but they are giving me all kinds of trouble to make this month! Thanks for the eye candy! x