Thursday, May 2, 2013

On Hold

I started this before baby's arrival.
The theme was growth. This mint green aventurine rose-cut pillow just sang of Spring and the soft new leaves sprouting up everywhere.
A tiny vine, the negative of this one, was carved out of a band of silver and then laid on top of another band for a thick, wide silver circle.

The plan was to finish it before baby arrived and to my credit, I came dangerously close.
A file here, a sand there, a dip in the liver of sulfur followed by another polish, and this ring would have sung sweetly of Spring on my finger.

 My plans were interrupted by another sweet sign of Spring and I can't really complain too badly about an unfinished ring.

We're coming up on five weeks now.
April was completely lost in late-night feedings, early morning cuddles, mid-afternoon naps, and constant diaper changes.
I'm worn out as any new mom normally is, but it's a good kind of wear, the kind that's a sign of new life and health.
A routine is slowly developing and I know will develop a bit more as age and necessity create new habits.
I'm looking forward to May and June and watching the little one become a bit more baby and a bit less newborn.
She was little when she was born, and she's finally out of newborn diapers and wore her first 0-3mos. sleeper yesterday.
Baby steps...big baby steps....
Enjoy the beginning of May, it's the only one you'll get this year! 


  1. Oh what a sweet post! Congratulations Mom! and welcome to the world baby girl.

  2. She is beautiful and so alert. Congratulation Marcie!! And welcome to the world for your baby daughter. Sounds like you are enjoying motherhood.

  3. Your daughter is beyond precious! Enjoyed your post!!

  4. She is totally totally gorgoeus, congratulations!!
    That stone is gorgeous, going to be a beautiful ring.