Thursday, March 7, 2013


Remember when I made this ring?
I loved it (still do). I feel like it really has a message like it's more than just a ring, but a reminder of strength, courage, tenacity, and all the things that keep us going when the going gets rough.
So, about a week or two after I listed it, I was contacted by a customer who wanted a similar ring for himself. Yep...himself. I've never made jewelry for a man before.
Oh, and it was my first ever custom order in sterling.
I was really nervous to create this very special piece but honored that he had shown so much faith in my work. I enjoyed every minute of this ring's creation.
Each tiny mountain represents a hurdle jumped and the eagle soars so graciously over the valley.  

There's a special inscription inside per the new owner's request and outside is patinated and hand-finished. I don't use machines to polish my jewelry.
I'm very tactile, and I like to feel the metal under my fingers as I work.

It's definitely a man's ring, in a man's size and almost twice as large as the original.

Packaged and shipped this afternoon, I hope the new owner enjoys the wearing as much as I enjoyed the making!

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