Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Truly Tribal

 So, you'll notice a few things have changed around here.
First, I gave the 'ol blog a bit of an update for a cleaner look.

Then, I went on to sit down and see what this Pinterest thing is all about.
Yep, I joined Pinterest.

I blame that website for my next obsession.

All things Tribal.
I mean, I was already halfway there with all the seed beads and embroidery and stones and what not.
Why not jump off the deep end?

Let me tell you, it's been fun searching for textiles and patterns and shapes and browsing through recent fashion trends and then bringing it all back in to influence what I create with my hands.

I couldn't resist the lure of this chunky faux bone bead and it's multiple holes.

I cut a few lengths of copper wire and threaded each through the holes and then hammered away to create texture. 

And then, because that wasn't enough along the rustic lines, I wove copper wire and seed beads between each hammered and patinated copper paddle. 
The resulting pendant is large and substantial and is hanging from two long strands of beads. 
I call it The Heart's Shield and it's in the shop right now.

 My second trip down the tribal road is a new one for me. 
Yes, I've been embroidering for quite some time now, but never on this scale. 
This cuff measures almost 2" in width.

 I wanted it to look like feathers fanning out from the center stone and I chose an almost monochromatic color palette so as not to overwhelm you (did I mention it was huge?)

I'm in love with the colors, it reminds me of the desert, canyons, the southwest, woven Native American blankets and the desert crawlies so abundant in them there hills.
It's also in the shop.

Now, I'm off to hunt down dinner.


  1. OMG! WOW!!! I love both pieces, but that necklace has me captivated. Ooo, Marcie, Ooo. I love it and it's aptly named because it certainly has my heart!

  2. I love the new blog design and your two pieces. They couldn't be more different and I like that a lot, too. Pinterest is the greatest time suck ever. I get lost pinning and re-pinning. I love it.

  3. You have such a unique and distinctive style, Marcie. Both pieces are beautiful, and I'm so glad you are following your creative voice.

  4. Super schön)))))) wie immer))))

  5. I love the cuff!!! The colors are so beautiful.

  6. Unas piezas muy originales y muy bonitas!!

  7. I love the necklace for its rich, stunning details and brilliant take on tribal, but the sunbleached, sandwashed colors of your cuff have me swooning! Amazing, amazing work!!

  8. Hi Marcie,
    I love your tribal bangle. I'm going to have to give that a try. I also love Pinterest and have a board that has a lot of tribal/Bohemian jewelry.I also love that style. It's a lot of fun to see the wonderful talented folks out there.
    Check out my board and I'll check out yours!

    Alice Howe