Friday, February 15, 2013

To the New Day

To my east, the sun rises each morning over the ocean, spreading golden yellow rays over the turquoise tide.
Tall dunes capped with green scrubby brushes drink in the heat and the sand slowly warms to accomodate the wiggling toes of children and the tiny legs of sand crawlies with delicate shells.

I think of the sun as being washed by the ocean, and the dawning of the new day as a chance for a clean beginning, a fresh start.
Yesterday and its problems are left behind, forgotten in the warmth of the day's new sun. 

The beauty of it all?
The sun rises and sets on all of us, we are all given the same day, the same sun, the same warmth. You may not see it rise over turquoise waves from your window, but the sun over soaring mountains or flattened landscapes still warms with a fierce glow.