Thursday, November 8, 2012

Thanksgiving... My Style

So, the Halloween is over, the candy has been consumed, the costumes are being packed away (unless you're under the age of 5, then you're probably still spending mornings as Iron Man, or Rapunzel or what have you.)
and the time has changed for most of the country (if not world).
But, we all know what's coming right around the corner...
We're doing Thanksgiving at my Mom's house.
The whole nine yards.
Turkey, Sweet Potato Casserole, Stuffing, Homemade Rolls, Roasted Brussels, Pies Galore...
I think you get the picture.
But that has not stopped me from Pinning (yes, I joined Pinterest, madre mia!) some fantastic DIY ideas for beautiful Thanksgiving Decor.
I'm still pinnin' away, but here are some of my favs so far, and these look so easy to do even if you don't consider yourself a "crafter". (I mean, come on, I think we can agree that cuttin' big holes in pumpkins is pretty standard kitchen skills.)
This one I liked because you could create the entire centerpiece with a trip to your grocery store.
Main requirements: squash, pumpkins, tea light, nuts, leaves and a pie plate.
(follow the foto for mo' info)

This? Wooden craft ring from a craft store and corn, mucho corn. Oh, and a hot glue gun, or maybe Gorilla glue in a pinch.
(Just a thought, though, I would probably hang mine on a wall where the back couldn't be seen because I'm horrible with a glue gun and those little stringies end up everywhere.) 

This one gives me a very Mahhthuh Stewart vibe, but I can't imagine anything easier, especially if you're a last minute decorator and you have hardwood trees in your yard. I think the only tricky thing would be the black cat...unless you happen to have one of those lying around also.

Here again, we'll put this under "last minute decor", especially if you're not planning on making a trifle this year, you could get some double duty out of your trifle dish thingy AND this one is very adaptable. If your dishes aren't white, then find squashes that match your plates, OR glitter them! 

Here's where it gets super easy if you've got knife skillz.
Itty bitty baby punkins (these are $1 at my grocery store) and some tea lights and voila!
You could line these babies down the table for a little light and a low decoration so everyone sees food and faces.

These are just a few of the pins I've found so far. You can hop over to my Thanksgiving board if you want to for a few more ideas.
Finally, I will leave you with one of my favorite holiday recipes. We make these for Thanksgiving and Christmas. I make them the day before, set them out in little bowls all over the place and we just eat out of them all day. They would also make great gifts.
And I must say, they are addictive and quite delicioso.
Recipe and photo from Epicurious.
You can head over to the website, or just follow the recipe here:


  1. Pinterest is my crack! Luckily I can resist it most days, but when I do get out there I can't help myself! I think you might be able to pick up foam mini pumpkins quite cheap now and cut into them for the candles, maybe deep enough for a glass votive. I have these gorgeous blown glass pumpkins I picked up from a new fundraiser our local University held. They will be doing it yearly so I can add to it! And I have to tell you the story of my Indian corn... Tiny Dancer brought some home for me and hung it on our glass front door. One day I was in the basement and I heard a knocking. I came upstairs, no one there. A few minutes later, I heard it again. I came outside and saw a huge black crow fly away from my porch. (I am terrified of them. Was pecked on the head by one when I was 8). I thought maybe they were knocking on the walls or posts. Then I looked down and found a kernel. I looked up to find that all of the kernels were completely off the cobs except for one that was under the others! Crazy bird! I took it down. A few minutes later I spied that crow again on my porch hopping around and crying out loudly, "Where's my snack? Where did it go?" Needless to say we will not be putting up corn again!

    Enjoy the day.

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