Monday, November 19, 2012

Something Stronger for the Shop

Somewhere in between the coming and the going, I added new work to the shop yesterday.
Most of it was of the sturdier stuff.
This one was inspired by the Oriental Pagodas. Japan, China, even India and the countries in the peninsula have these buildings with the sloping eaves.
(Supposedly they ward off evil spirits)

This ode to the pagoda boasts two plates of copper with my own design that I've lovingly sawed out and riveted together.
The design is suspended from antiqued copper chain and a gemstone donut of Mexican Crazy Lace Agate is held between the two sheets by the force of the metal pressing together.

It's a statement for sure, but if you like to travel or know someone fond of the Orient, it's perfect.

This is the first piece of Sterling that I'm offering in the shop. It's not a complicated piece with a ton of flashy stones, but what it does have is soul.
The first time I saw that gorgeous drop of Rutilated Quartz I saw the tiny flecks of sunshine and knew I had to capture that somehow. I don't own a disc cutter, but I do own a saw.
Each piece was hand-sawn by me, stacked and soldered with a tiny bezel to hold the sun.
I had such a hard time knowing if it was right to put this in the shop. There is such a beautiful conversation happening among the metal artists that I admire. Each of them contributing a voice unique and definite and I wonder if I have anything to add to that conversation.
But you answer the creative call of your soul and trust that what comes from your fingers is a small glimpse of the creativity that lies in your heart.
So, it's there, in the shop, a tiny glimpse of what my hands have learned and my heart has adopted in the past year.

I also put this in the shop. It's another version of the Shooting Stars bracelet that I made two years ago. I remember wearing mine last year at this time and feeling like I was carrying the whole Christmas Story on my wrist.

It too, is in the shop.

Also, a very special Holiday Edition of my newsletter is in the works to be sent out on Wednesday.
It will contain updates on new work, but most importantly, a subscriber-only special from me to you.
You don't want to miss it, so if you're not signed up, please be sure to do so in the right-hand column of the blog.
Thanks to all of you for supporting La Bella Joya, may you have a wonderful Thanksgiving! 


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  2. Marcie - what beautiful metal work. Love the pagoda. Also reminds me of wings. Stunning!

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