Sunday, July 1, 2012

Be-Boppin and Blog Hoppin'

I feel like I've missed so much over the past couple of weeks.
I've been so busy doing housework and with the wedding, I haven't however, stopped reading and I wanted to assemble a post with some of my favorite pieces from the blog hops I've been enjoying lurking around in the past few weeks.

First up was the Bohemian Jewelry Blog Hop hosted by Erin Siegel and Lorelei Eurto for their new book. The creations made by all the amazing designers that participated were just beautiful and I had great fun picking out a few of my favs.

The first up is a bracelet created by the very talented Rebekah Payne.
I bought a few fox beads from her last year and I loved them.
Here is her creation.
My favorite design element? The seed beads (I, for one think seeds are very underrated, wink, wink).
My favorite practical element? The little birdie that hangs from the end of the chain. These are so helpful when you're trying to clasp the bracelet on, it gives weight to the chain so that it hangs on your wrist while you attach the clasp.

The second piece for me was by Erin Prais-Hintz.
This little woodsy piece with the chunky jasper stones just sung to me.
My favorite design element? The leaves. A necklace with a bit of movement really becomes a statement piece when you wear it, even if it isn't chunky or attention grabbing.
My favorite practical element? The button clasp. I've always found these to be very reliable. If the loop is made to the perfect size and the necklace has great weight, then it won't go anywhere as you wear it.

I also enjoyed checking out Jo's bangle challenge. She's the mastermind behind Daisy Chain Designs.
She crafted a few of these cute copper bangles with poppies and daisies and passed them on to a few other designers to do with as they please, the results were very inspiring.
This is Jo's bangle:
My favorite design element? The peanut beads. I love peanut beads in embroidery and I think they make the cutest chunky "beads" wrapped togethere here in this bangle.  
My favorite practical element? The built in clasp. Sometimes bangles don't fit right or they're too big if they just slide on, so it's nice to have a sizing option.

My next favorite design from this blog hop was Shannon's.
My favorite design element? The dangles. Again, movement in a piece is always a plus.
My favorite practical element? I like the way Shannon spaced out the dangles. This really helps to weight the piece evenly so that it's not constantly spinning around on your arm as you wear it.

The last blog hop that I enjoyed was Kristi Bowman's Copper Element Hop.
(These pieces are just gorgeous!)

You definitely should stop by her blog to see all the ways people used these elements, but my favorite was done by Kristen.
Very clever use of the seed beads, beady lady!!
My favorite design element?
The shape of the design coming out from the center of the hole. It looks as though the design was flanked by the copper.
My favorite practical element?
She kept the original hole right where it was. I think that really does the piece justice and gives a way to really show it off that looks so creative.


Last, but not least, I have to remind you all about Lori's Bead Soup. No, I can't participate this time around, I just don't have the time.
But, she's got over 400 people signed up, so it should be a great swap!

Thanks to everyone for keeping me inspired and good luck to all the Bead Soupers. Enjoy your soup and I can't wait to see what you create!


  1. Hi Marcie, I'm not getting updates from your blog even though I've subscribed. I tried to subscribe again but it said I was already a subscriber! Or is that a list for something else? Thanks.

  2. Marcie!!!!!! I am well I don't even have words. You have always been an inspiration to me when it comes to your love of seeds and metal and mixing the two. For you to honor me as you have is so wonderful. Before I get way too sappy I have to say I love the way you broke down each piece with practical and design elements that stood out for you. You have a gift for seeing past the first glance to the art of it all! Thank you sooooooooo much!

  3. Fantásticos todos tus trabajos!!!!