Wednesday, July 18, 2012


This is the fourth ring I've made using silver.
The stone is green jade, rose cut with the most gorgeous facets and tons of height.

I don't have a ton of time to play with silver, so when I get an hour or so, I try to find things that will stretch my abilities and help to increase the difficulty of what I can do with metal.
With this one, I wanted to fold metal.

So, after about 30 min. of filing a groove into the metal (not easy, let me tell you), I folded and then hard-soldered to reinforce the fold.
The back of the ring is not exactly what I wanted.
My plan was to have more of an overlap, but it would have been too small.

I learned so much about layering metal and setting squares. (notch the edges of the bezel!!!)

These are learning pieces that won't be sold, but will become a collection of snapshots to remind me what I've learned as I've journeyed from beadwork to metalwork. 

Of course, I haven't forgotten my roots and this piece was brought to life with a gorgeous clay pendant from Chinook Jewelry and a huge chunk of Red Creek Jasper.
(I'll drop this one in the shop tomorrow.)
UPDATE: In the shop here. 

I'm off to play with metal while I've got the time!


  1. Your creations with metal are really coming along. I have to say I admire you so much for showing your practice pieces, I am soooo not brave enough to do that, They get hidden away in a box some where never to see the light of day lol, that's a great perspective on it though to have photos to look at so you can see your progress.
    Love the necklace

  2. Your silver ring is amazing ... I do not dream of doing something like this ... :-)
    And the pendant is beautiful ... I love it!!!