Sunday, May 6, 2012

Day of Rest

I've been going non-stop for the past seven days. Full out.
Every day has been spent painting, cleaning, painting and cleaning again.
I feel like I'm in some manic rush to get the house done before the wedding and guests arrive.
So, when I was told to take a day and rest, I agreed that it was probably needed and I'm glad I listened.
After a much needed nap, I found some time to take some photos of my newest piece.
I'm calling it the Rising Star.

The cabochon is from Caroline Fung who sent me the most gorgeous collection that she handmade. (Thank you, Caroline!)

I'm finding myself really trying to push my creativity when it comes to bead embroidery.
I'm finding ways to incorporate depth and texture into what might otherwise be a very flat piece.

Can you see the depth I've created around the cab by incorporating beadweaving with bead embroidery? Under the bright red/fuschia layer of beads in the center is actually a layer of small bugle beads which supports the red/fuschia delicas and helps them to sit higher than the surrounding layers.

I've also started adding rows of beadwork after I've already backed the piece, working off of the existing row in little picots to hide the edge beads just a bit, but also to create the look of beadweaving with the weight and softness of bead embroidery.

This piece is definitely a hybrid of the two.
The art of embroidery, attaching the beads to a solid surface to hold them in place, and the art of weaving, attaching the beads to each other to create patterns and texture that aren't always possible in embroidery.

I added some little dangles and fringe for some movement and a little interest around the neck.
If you'd like to see more of this one, I've listed it here.  

Enjoy the rest of your beautiful weekend and don't forget that Mom's Day is coming up!
It's not too late to get your gift to her!
I'll be shipping all week!


  1. Es precioso!!!! Me gustan mucho los colores y el montaje con las fornituras es espectacular!!!! Un trabajo maravilloso. Felicidades.

  2. You've done a fantabulous job with your seedies, Marcie. They complement the cab perfectly, and I really like the added dimension. The little stampings and dangles finish it off beautifully! Look forward to seeing what you do with the other cabs - your creations give me lots of inspirations!

  3. Very pretty design and colours!!!!!!!!!

  4. What a festive confetti of colors. Wonderful.

  5. That is so festive and fun, Miss Marcie! Good for you for taking a day off to play!
    Enjoy the day.

  6. Una belleza, es precioso.....

  7. siempre poniendo alegria y color a todos tus trabajos

  8. Hi Marcie,
    Your pendant is gorgeous! I love the colors you used to brighten up the muted colors of the clay piece, I also think you did a fabulous job with the bead work around the clay piece.

  9. This is so pretty Marcie! I love the texture of this piece. I also noticed the links mirror the focal of the pendant too! As usual, beautiful work!

  10. Beautiful pendant Marcie! It fits a summer theme perfectly.

  11. Very pretty - love the colors!

  12. Stunning Marcie! I love the texture that you've created with the seed beads and such vibrant colors! Gorgeous!