Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Strong Desire To Learn

I've told you before that I have beaders ADD.
That I don't make large sculptural pieces (no Bead Dreams for me) because my patience runs ever so thin.
Well, I think it's moved on to crafters ADD...or maybe artists ADD (I think "artist" sounds so much more regal). I've been browsing the internet in my moments of creative dry spell and have been looking at Bead Fests and Bead and Button and ArtFest and so on and have once again awaken the desire to learn something new....

Like this owl by Doreen Kassel have you ever seen such beautiful detail?
I think I'd make a dozen to hang in a kitchen above a row of cabinets, such gorgeous colors!

Or these little half-face bowls by Stephanie Lee I think they'd be really cute full of round fruit filling out the head, maybe lined up on the counter.

Or this Steampunk Little Lady by Clarissa Callessen, you know my love of Steampunk and I have no idea where I would put her, but she'd be beautiful!

Last but not least, learning to draw this cute little owl with Juliette Crane. She's got a dozen of these cuties and my fingers are itching to recreate.

Alas, the discretionary income has been depleted or will be in a few months (more on that later), so I can't go flitting off to all parts of the country in search of artistic satisfaction.
So, what are my alternatives?
Here's where I turn to you for suggestions.
Any good online courses for learning the arts?
What do you do when you're in a creative rut and want to stretch your creative muscles?
Do you do local classes or travel to all parts in search of new and fresh inspiration?
Please, do tell!


  1. I love everything you showed because it's 'off the beaten path' -- and that, I adore.

  2. I love all of these. So many different facets of your personality! I buy a lot of books. But maybe you could go to the library and check out books in these subjects. I also try not to get in my own way and think that I can't just because I have never. I tend to buy all the accoutrements and dive on in. I will be eagerly watching to see where this takes you!
    Enjoy the day!

  3. Oddly enough, there's inspiration to be found in teaching a friend. Since you mentioned being in a financial bind I won't mention classes. But do you have any friends that are into beading that would lend old magazines or books? You could browse the magazines (gently) at the local craft store. Just don't look like you're reading. ;) LOL I just found a winning necklace of yours at Fire Mountain and enjoyed it so much I had to find out who you were. :D

  4. Like Erin, I buy a lot of books, and I agree that the library is a great place to start.

    Another place might be Youtube tutorials. There are so many on any subject you can think of! I learned most of my hula hooping tricks there, actually. :)

  5. And Pinterest is a great new way to collect eye candy images. I find something I love every time I go there.