Monday, March 12, 2012

Playing with color

I try to make my tutorials very color friendly.
I know not everyone is fond of my particular color leanings, but I don't think that that should stop them from making a perfectly beautiful piece of jewelry.

I also find playing with color helpful when I'm stuck in a creative rut!
When I can't come up with a new design that I really really love, I fall back on my old designs, trying new colorways and perfecting my weaving skills.

This one I call Lavender Fields. It's a Spring mix of purple and spring green with some shimmer and shine from the faceted glass beads.

I've decided to list this one in the shop.
I haven't been putting as many beadwoven pieces in the shop lately. It seems that the embroidered pieces sell better so when I create for the shop I tend to lean toward one of a kind embroidered pieces. 

I think most customers are really in the market for something absolutely unique.
So the only version of my La Catedral in Lavender Fields is available here. 

And not to be outdone by the bigger and bolder shape of the bangle, I created a La Rondella in a mataching colorway.
I really like the small and dainty shape of this pendant.

This one is also one of a kind and I've put it in the shop here as well.

I hope you'll try playing with color this season when you're working on your pieces.
Who knows, you may find an entirely new and favorite color combo?!


  1. Marcie, These are very pretty. The colors are Spring time for sure.

  2. Beautiful pieces, Marcie! I love the colors you used, and I admire anyone who can do bead weaving -- I just get tangled up. ;)

    Also, am I remembering correctly that you're in Wilmington? I lived there for a couple months before I moved to Durham, and I loved it there. I used to love eating at Indochine. :)

  3. They're both very pretty! I like how you used a combination of matte, transparent and metallic seed beads in this color palette.

  4. Beautiful. I love these colors together.