Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Button, button, who's got the button?

Apparently I do.
I picked up this fabric button at Joann's and just started working with it.
I wanted to do this really crazy complicated mandala-looking embroidery around it and I'd say it turned out pretty good!

Yes, it's embroidered, not beadwoven, although the outer rim of 3mm lime Czech beads was technically woven on after the edging of the bead embroidery was in place.

The piece was inspired by the work of Caroline Fung.
If you read my little snippet in Beadwork Dec/Jan, you'll notice that I mentioned her as the person that I would most like to take bead classes from.

In case you're wondering why, I'll refer you to this:

See what I mean?
Her work is stunning and like I said in my little snippet, she is in my mind one of the few people to successfully mix bead embroidery with beadweaving and other mixed media and create flawless pieces.
She's got a list of awards a mile long, all well deserved.
I hope you'll check out her blog here.
Oh, and guess what I found out yesterday?
We have the same birthday!!!!

So, Happy Birthday to Ms. Caroline and many more!

P.S. I'll be putting this beauty in the shop later, but if you'd like to reserve it, please contact me!


  1. WOW!
    It's so beautiful this necklace!
    It's very colorful, perfect for spring season^_^

  2. Es una preciosidad!!!!! En unos colores que se me hace irresistible!!!!
    Felicidades por un trabajo perfecto!!!

  3. Beautiful Marcie, I love the bright and cheery colors. Carolyn Fung is wonderful love her designs.

  4. Espectacular!!! ¡Vaya colorido! Felicidades

  5. BUUUUTTON! So pretty! I love button jewelry. This piece is absolutely gorgeous!

  6. Your new piece is groovy! Love the colors and the whimsy. And thank you for introducing me to Carolyn Fung's work - wow!

  7. Such lovely vivid colors! Amazing work ;)

  8. Oh, Marcie, your pendant necklace is sooooo beautiful!!! The colours are divine, and the beadwork is perfect, as usual. I'm both greatly honoured and humbled that you should mention me in the magazine Beadwork and on your blog. I LOVE your work, and was quite chuffed to find out that we have the same birthday! Maybe that has something to do with our taste in beadwork? Anyhow, thanks again sweet lady. Hope you have had a great birthday! :)

  9. Marcie,

    What a beautiful piece! Your beadwork really does that button justice.

    I like that this piece was inspired by Caroline, but is still very uniquely yours.

    And now I'm off to check out Caroline's blog!

    -- Sarah of Saturday Sequins

  10. I think the fabric beads are very different in their look...they are vibrant but the embellishments make them so gorgeous and the fact that they would be very light to wear is comforting.