Thursday, January 5, 2012

Fashion Inspiration Blog Hop: Baby, It's Cold Outside

If you've been around for a while, you'll remember Margie and Me, my monthly challenge to myself to stretch my color comfort zone and create outside of what I would consider my "norm" when it comes to color combos. Well, after a few months it turned into a shared challenge and I enjoyed seeing the cool creations coming from the fresh fingers of the artists who stopped by to create with me.

Well, for 2012, I've decided to bring back the color inspiration and this time instead of focusing just on color, we're going to focus on creating accessories for a whole outfit (a la Project Accessory).
I do this all the time, especially when gift giving, I'll purchase a sweater or top to give and create a stunner of a bracelet/necklace/ring to go with it.

I'm calling this one Fashion Inspiration Blog Hop and I'm calling in the likes of Roberto Cavalli, Christian Dior, Gucci, and Emilio Pucci to help me out (not that they'll actually show up, but ya' never know...)

Here's the idea:
Every month, I'll pick two outfits from two different designers.
I'll try to stick to a theme (probably seasonally appropriate) but choose drastically different color combos so you'll have some wiggle room (just in case one of the combos is in your comfortable color zone).

You'll have four weeks to create a piece (necklace, bracelet, ring, hair accessory, you choose) to go with the outfit you've chosen.
You can choose to create for one outfit, or both!

At the end of the month we'll do a little hop to see what everyone has created and what inspired you to make what you did.

I want this one to be a little more than a color challenge.
I want you to look at the outfits and think about overall design.
Does it need to be soft and romantic or abstract and modern?
What would you add to the outfit if you were wearing it?
(Now, obviously, these are world class designers, and we aren't, but use your imagination and let the creativity flow!)

Here are the designs for this month and the theme (I wanted to go with something that reflected the cold winter weather): 
Baby, It's Cold Outside

Christian Dior
Fall 2011

Sonia Rykiel
Fall 2011

Two very different looks, but both designed for cooler weather and with some sassy color combos.
One a little more casual, perhaps a "day" look while the other is a little more upscale, a fun and funky party dress.

Here are the rules:
-If you want to play along, leave me a note in the comments with a link to your blog.
-Deadline for design is February 5th. Post a pic of your creation on that day.
-On February 4th, I'll post the list of everyone who is playing along so we can all link back and see what everyone has created!

I do hope you'll join me.
Margie and Me was such a wonderful challenge and I loved the things that I created as a result and I know many of the participants did as well.
If you have any questions, leave those in the comments as well.
Good luck and I can't wait to see what we all create!

*All photos were obtained from the New York Times Fashion Runway Slideshow.


  1. Can't wait...sounds like great fun!

  2. Here I am! Sounds like a great challenge. I played a lot with fabrics lately and maybe I can bring this in creating something.

  3. I want to play, sounds like fun! Blog is

    I LOVE her shoes (in the fall picture).

  4. I'd like to play.

  5. This is such a great concept, Marcie! I can't join in this month, but do hope to soon. Looking forward to seeing the fashion inspired jewelry from those participating!

  6. OK, ready, set, go! Sunday can come. :-)