Saturday, November 26, 2011

New Tutorial! The Woven Line

My newest design is a long time coming.
I actually started working on it sometime in September, but as I said before the work is slow go, however, I just finished the second color version yesterday and put the finishing touches on the tutorial last night.

This one is also Right-Angle-Weave based (I'm slowly coming around to the merits of RAW) and uses bugle beads for a strong foundation and fire-polished czech glass for the shimmer and shine.

And of course, there are options.
In the version below, I've created a long bracelet (choker-length) and wrapped it around my wrist for a bit of a chunkier style.

This version is the basic weave. One time around.

There are slight differences between how I created each bracelet.
(Can you find the subtle change?!)

The final version has a lovely weight and feel on the arm.
Oh, and the best part?
It's one continuous stitch, one long sinuous stitch.

Click the pic to take you to the tutorial:

Oh, and guess what?
Just to celebrate, I'm extending the Buy One Get One Free Offer in my shop!
New Bracelet included!
Have a great weekend!


  1. hey gorgeous, I LOVE these creations!! ;o)

    hello gorgeous xxx

  2. This one is beautiful Marcie. Might be my winter project.
    Happy holiday season.


  3. Your weaving is amazing. Just breathtaking.
    ~ Karen