Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Something Solid

I wanted it to look like it was falling.
Like it had tumbled from the low-hanging branch of a majestic forest king.
A tree that was perhaps the last of its kind.

And I had been lucky enough to stand under that tree at that moment to catch the last remnants of what would soon be forgotten.

It's solid through and through. Each little leaf point cut by hand.
A solid piece of creek jasper sporting all the colors of the northern hemisphere in October.

Polished and rubbed by hand with little creek jasper dangles
that move like autumn leaves floating from autumn trees.

No, it's not silver, it's copper.
But I'd make it copper again even if I had the choice.
Besides, I'm not accustomed to accepting another's definition of "precious". 

Something solid.


  1. wow this is beautiful! It reminds me of old wood working designs, I remember seeing as a kid, maybe in my grandfathers wood working shop.....

  2. Bravo Marcie! I bow down to metal designers who can saw - I really struggled with that. You are doing amazing things!

  3. i lost my breath when i saw this---even down to the detail on the back. what a work of Art!!! i love the beauty in leaves and how understated they are.

  4. Oh my gosh! This is stunning! You are a master at metal working and design elements. Cheers!

  5. This is gorgeous Marcie. I love your choice of materials and color combination.

  6. Beautiful Marcie, I agree with using copper.

  7. Just incredible....How I want!!!! Are you keeping it????

  8. This is stunning! Beautiful work! Love how well all those colors blend in! Yay for copper!

  9. Oh.My.Goodness! That is gorgeous Miss Marcie! That stone is to die for, and the way you framed it is so perfect. That red on the front really does look like a leaf! I think that what is most brilliant is the attention to detail. Especially that little leaf in the back. Where most would see just a back, you turned it into a canvas to your imagination! Beautiful work!
    Make more!
    Enjoy the day.

  10. I absolutely love the detail in all your work, the metal work is awesome, hats off to Marcie! What an inspiration behind this wonderful necklace, you really are talented .

  11. That's really a work of art - wonderful job!

  12. Absolutely beautiful Marcie - you've done an amazing job on cutting out that leaf not to mention the impeccable job you did on setting the cab. You certainly have take to metal like a duck to water! Well done.


  13. Gorgeous pendant, the details are amazing! I love the colors too, perfect for autumn :)

  14. Love it..Unique & so personalized by the you as the artist.

  15. Handmade Metaphysical Necklace this is fabulous. Really good and beautiful...Thank you for this blog.