Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Thank you isn't enough...

Just a note to say we made through the hurricane without any problems.

12 hrs. without power was the worst and then the game of pick-up sticks the next day!

Also, Thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you...

to the sweet ladies who have taken little pieces of my creative journey off my shelves and made them theirs, I can't thank you enough.

I reached 500 sales yesterday and my offer still stands...

If you purchase a piece of jewelry in my shop, I will refund you 25% of the purchase price.
This offer is only valid for the next four customers and only until September 5th (whichever comes first).
Thank you so much, from the bottom (and top) of my heart.


  1. So glad you and your family are ok!

  2. Glad to hear you and your home are safe! I too am still picking up large branches and twigs from our yard. Our home backs to woods, so we now have a lot of the woods in our back yard!
    Congratulations on 500 sales-that is awesome!

  3. Glad to hear you are safe. Congratulations on 500 sales... I have my eye on two particular pieces so hopefully they won't sell in the next day or two whilst I wait to get paid!! I've loved one in particular since you made it.


  4. So glad to hear you are alright! I have been thinking of you.
    Congrats on the sales! That is a great milestone. I am nearing the first 100 on Etsy and that makes me so happy!
    Enjoy the day!

  5. So happy you are all fine! And congrats on the 500th sales, that's a big goal!

  6. Marcie! I am thrilled to find you are ok and the storm did little hard to you. I love reading your blogs. They have a smooth flow to them.I am curious to see what your next endeavor is. I can't wait to see what you come up with from the bead soup.

  7. Hi Marcie!! happy to hear you are fine!! here in Puerto Rico I was 5 days without power! But everything is ok now!! Congrats on the sales! Cristina