Saturday, August 6, 2011

Studio Saturday: Found

I am amazed by artists who work with found materials.
Craftsmen who can see an object not for what it is, but for what it should be.

Antique documents create patterns trapped in silver by PinkCrowStudio

I think that that little piece of "found" is so lucky to be given new life and a new chance...

Tree nuts from Costa Rican rainforests frame the butterfly in Kokeliko's belt buckle

to become something more than just the pages of a book, or the gears of a machine...

The frame? An antique cake mold...from Sanctumornamentum

but to be worn and loved and take on a meaning that is so much deeper than their intended purpose...

You must read ReactionDesign's reason for filling this vessel with batteries.

to be saved from a landfill long after they've been used up...

Part of a motherboard...via Bitterfruitjewelry

and to become a small part of a whole that's creative and imaginative and brings an unconventional smile to an unconventional face.

A puppy dog to hold your jewelry by Reclaim2Fame

What's your little piece of "found"?


  1. Cool pieces. The motherboard and cake mold are favorites!

  2. Awesome! You know that is truly the sentiment behind my company name. Tesori Trovati is Italian for "treasures found." There is nothing better than saving that little bit and re-imagining it with a new life. I love it when I use a bit of found and people have that aha moment when they realize what it is. And I think that showcasing them in such a way as these elevates those utilitarian objects to the level of art.
    Enjoy the day!