Saturday, July 16, 2011

Studio Saturday: New Tutorial!

Okay, yes, it is a new tutorial, but not published by me.
This one is currently in the Quick and Easy section of Beadwork for the Aug/Sep issue!
I totally agree with the fact that it should be in the easy category, but there really ain't nothing quick about it. It's like my Fire and Ice Cuffs design in that it takes a lot of perseverence to get all the way through the pattern enough times to create the little pieces for the bracelet.

It really does look great when you've got it finished though.
It's wide and kind of chunky and you're only limited to your imagination when it comes to the colors.

It features 4mm round gemstones which are probably my favorite size gemstone and about the only ones that you can beadweave with.

It also has the instructions for the three-bead herringbone toggle that a lot of you had asked me about previously.

Just as a side note: In case you're thinking, "Didn't she create that ages ago?"
The answer is yes. The date on these photos is October 10, 2010. Almost a full year ago, which, if you're interested in submitting to a magazine, is something to think about.

If I publish a tutorial myself, I can usually have the tutorial completed within one to two weeks of creating the design, however, if I decide to submit it, the process could take anywhere from six months to a year.
Beadwork is not as seasonal as some other magazines like Stringing or Bead Trends.
What I mean by that is that they are always looking for good submissions and a beadwoven piece can usually be transformed by simple color choice into something appropriate for the season.
(Unlike a Stringing piece that may have a snowflake pendant or art beads in the shape of autumn leaves)

So, if you decide to submit to a beadweaving publication, definitely look at their submission guidelines to see in general what kind of pieces they are looking for for each issue, but also, create two versions of your piece in very different colorways so that if they choose it, they can see it's potential regardless of the season.

Have a great weekend all and be sure to check out the newest issue of Beadwork, it's on newsstands now.
Oh, and also, I'm still taking submissions for my Customer Gallery! I hope you'll check out the work of the lovely artists who have submitted so far, and if you've created a piece from one of my tutorials (even if it's out of a magazine), I'd love to have you as part of my Gallery!
Enjoy the weekend!


  1. Hi,Marcie:
    Both versions of bracelets are fantastic!
    Very sweet pattern and for me-very much inspiring!
    Wish Yuu a Nice,Sunny Weekend-Halinka-

  2. Marcie ~ I love the look of this bracelet - congrats on having the tut published. If someone wanted a less "chunky" look, they could just do one row of the pieces, instead of two. I think it would be just as amazing AND a little quicker!
    ~ Tess ~

  3. Marcie, I love your tutorials they are so easy to follow. I'm going out today to find this Beadwork Mag so I can make this bracelet. I already have the beads I want to use.

  4. Es precioso como todas tus creaciones! Ya buscare la revista para poder hacerlo! Saludos!

  5. I just started my subscription so I will be getting this one at the end of the month. I am so excited! Going to the customer gallery now!

  6. MARCIE! SO amazing. And I still want a bracelet in the header -- need to check your store. I think I'm really fond of the top one!

  7. Hi.... this is my first time that I visit your blog....congratulations.... It is extremely beautiful!!!

  8. Quick and Easy?? My goodness, this looks amazing and complex. I truly appreciate the creations made with seed beads! :-)

  9. Great design, versatile and very inspiring for me!
    I plan to make a necklace with it, now I am looking for the right colored beads and further components.
    With best greetings from Lower-Austria:

  10. *love* this design Marcie - especially in the pale colourway, so pretty!

  11. Hello dear Marcie,
    my arabic-motifs-necklace is ready now and I hope you will like it. Stitching this jewelry piece was a real joy for me and I think you can see it;o)
    Kind regards:

  12. There's nothing quick and easy about my DNA helix bracelet either. Congrats on the publication! I'm honored to be published in the same issue as you.

  13. Dear Marcie,

    I'm obsessed with this pattern, thank You so much for creating and publishing it!
    This is how it looks:

    And the next one is already waiting to be photographed :-)

    Best regards