Friday, July 1, 2011

MissFickleMedia Mania

It's Friday and my MissFickleMedia challenge is over and here's what I've created this week using Shannon's beautiful components.
The first piece features her saffron yellow oval links.

For this pendant, I embroidered rows of seed beads around an african turquoise teardrop and then suspended her oval pendant from the base of the embroidery.
I created a complimentary chain using soldered links in an oval shape that mimics the pendant and included bright little seed beads to compliment the colors.
This piece is in the shop here.

My second piece features another of her hammered and colored pendant pieces. This one was a large chunky circle in rusty red and bright copper.
To compliment the colors of the pendant I created this little beadwoven bauble with leopardskin jasper rounds and seed beads.

The little center bauble is a 3D piece for a little extra texture. The pendant hangs from a chunky tribal chain that I assembled from soldered copper links and a handful of beaded links that I created myself.
If you'd like to see more, this one is also in the shop here.

The third piece features no beadweaving or bead embroidery (I know...strange, huh?)
I took Shannon's copper pendant and used it as a backplate for Nancy's art deco connector.

I had to drill a couple of extra holes for the clay connector, but the result has a very earthy feel to it.
And because I couldn't leave the seed beads out entirely, they've shown up in the little dangles at the bottom of the pendant and also in the chain that I created with aventurine rounds.
This piece is available here.

My last piece is very special for me. It represents a change, a shift in my work to include the things I'm learning and the new skills I'm adding to my abilities.
To compliment the large leaf that I received from Shannon, I coaxed a smaller leaf from a blank copper sheet.
With the tiniest of blades, I sawed out the little copper charm and pierced the center to create spidery veins.

It's the tiniest of charms and may seem insignificant, but every vein represents the grip of my hands on the hilt of a jeweler's saw, coaxing curves and lines from a blank canvas of copper.
I've antiqued it and polished it to hightlight the flaws and perfections.
Little beadwoven leaves serve as a backdrop, a reminder of where my work has come from and where it is going.
My first metal piece is also in the shop here.

I so enjoyed working with Shannon's pieces and I'm not done.
Tomorrow is Margie and Me and you'll see Shannon's work again.
Have a great Friday!
See ya' tomorrow!


  1. I love every piece you created with Shannon's pieces. You have highlighted each piece perfectly and the last piece with your handsawed leaf is perfection! Awesome job!!!!

  2. They're all so perfect and right. Congratulations on your first metal piece!

  3. All four pieces are uniquely beautiful. Isn't wonderful the turns creativity takes in order to grow.

  4. All of them are stunning! I really like the red necklace and the last one, that sawed-out leaf is adorable!!

  5. I disappear for a month, and come back to find that you're an accomplished metalsmith?!!! ;-) Beautiful, beautiful work my I have missed being inspired by your creations.

    I am SO excited that you are discovering the joys of is addicting, let me tell you! Although it sounds as though it is already weaving a spell around your heart ;-)

    I cannot wait to see where this new path takes you...!


  6. Every picture I saw I was like "This is what I like the most... no, this one... wait a moment, this!" and back to the top. Now I am looking at your creations for the fifth time and I still can't decide what I like the most.

    Wonderful pieces, all of them!

  7. I absolutely love everything but I especially adore your first necklace and the last one with your adorable leaf charm. Wow what a fantastic job you have done. You have certainly taken to metal like a duck to water...keep on paddling my friend as I can't wait to see what you come up with next. A true talent!