Sunday, July 3, 2011

Margie and Me: SoBe Style

My intention for this Margie and Me was to buckle down and create something awesome for both color palettes. Well, it didn't happen.
Let's just say the second palette (which I was actually more drawn to) ended up a failed venture.
I didn't like how the piece was turning out, so I just ended up junking it, but on the upside, I really like how my first project turned out!

This color palette was a true challenge for me, as I don't really work with pink, and I don't think I've ever used these colors in combination with each other.
I started with a round saffron hoop from Shannon over at MissFickleMedia and I chose some seed beads in light blue, teal, mustard, soft pink and white to go with the color palette.

The beading around the ring starts with brick stitch and then turns into peyote along the edges. It's not perfectly flat, but has a little arch to it that makes the white beads kind of flare towards the back.
The center bead is a bright and textured piece of vintage lucite from Reduction Nation.

I call this pendant Miami Vice (of course) and I've added it to the shop here.

I'm keeping this second palette as a reference and I fully intend to create something with the colors. It's definitely a palette that is very "me" and I have the perfect focal bead just waiting to become the center of an embroidered pendant.

A few things before I go:
- First of all, if you created something for Margie and Me, leave me a comment with the link! I'd love to see your piece!

-Also, thanks so much for your comments on my work from Friday. It was very encouraging.

- I'm sorry that I haven't been able to comment on all of your blogs! Blogger has me in time-out for a while and unless you have the "name-URL" option turned on in your blog, it won't let me comment.

That's it for now! I hope you enjoy your long weekend!


  1. Marcie, I love your SoBe piece! That center stone is so cool! Here is my piece:
    Thanks for hosting another great challenge!

  2. Awesome pendant Marcie! That center bead is really something else.

    Here's my entry into the challenge, a set of earrings:

    Thanks so much for continuing to host this fun challenge!

  3. Not that I didn't like your earlier work, but your designs over the past month have blown me away. You seem to have found your mojo and it's showing. Each piece is stunning and I can see that every stitch, every bead has been carefully placed... such clean, precise work. Keep doing what you're doing Marcie, it's fantastic to watch you grow as a jewelry designer :0) Can't wait to start being a part of "Margo and Me" again when things settle down for me again.

    This is mine :-)

  5. Oh and I forgot to say that I love this piece!

  6. Your style is so innovative and beautiful!

  7. Wow I love this pendant Marcie... I love how you have graduated the brick stitch into peyote. A job well done.


  8. Marcie, I always love to see your latest jewelry - this pendant is just gorgeous!