Saturday, June 25, 2011

Artisan Clay Design Team and Studio Saturday

Okay, I totally owe Kristie an apology for not getting my design team piece up yesterday, but let's just say yesterday is over (thank goodness) and we'll keep moving on to today!
Sound good?

Okay, so, Kristie's challenge this month was her beautiful smoke-fired beads and I must admit I was a little stumped when I got this chunky, perfectly round beauty in the mail, but...not one to be outdone...I decided to go with the colors from the current Art Bead Scene challenge.

So, with that in mind, I created a little beaded bead for the center of the circle and strung it together with some sari silk in a buttery yellow, aventurine rounds and crazy lace agate.
I tried to go assymetrical, as you can see I've put the little flower clasp on the side.
It's a bit different than what I'm used to and definitely more organic, but I love Kristie's big chunky bead.

I also created some pieces earlier in the week for the shop.
I LOVE how this one turned out. The center is an oval from Shannon of MissFickleMedia and I just started beading off of the center with no real plan in mind.
The result is this little fairy portal surrounded by bright seed beads.

The weaving is realy tight, there are no gaps and it's just perfect.
I call it Through the Looking Glass and it's in the shop.

I also wove another version of La Catedral. The Teal version sold last month to an extremely lucky customer. I wish a picture really could show you how great these bangles feel when you wear them, but unfortunately it just doesn't.
They have such an amazing weight and because the czech beads are faceted, they catch the light when you move....ah, well, let's just say, I rarely make anything twice (Beader's ADD), but I've already purchased another set of czech glass rounds to make this again in a different colorway.

I've currently got the Royal Purple and Garnet versions in the shop.

Oh, and if you're a beader and want to create one, the tutorial is here also.

That's all for this week. It's slim I know, but I've been working with metal on and off all week so the beading kind of gets shoved a little to the side.
Oh, and I've moved Margie and Me to next week, so the reveal will be July 2nd.
Here are the palettes in case you've forgotten.
Oh, and be sure to visit the rest of Kristie's team and see what we've all come up with!
Enjoy your weekend everyone!


  1. So glad you moved the reveal date! Love the oval pendant. Reminds me of Diane Fitzgeralds beaded ovals. I like how the graduated colors in the silk mimic the pendant. Awesome job! The colors in La Catedral are stunning. Beautiful work!

  2. Both pieces are beautiful, Marcie! I especially like the first one, it just has it all. Absolutely magnificent. I admire this style so much beacause it is something I know I'm just not good at, but I think it looks so great when it's done well.

    I'm sorry, but I won't be able to do the color challenge this month - I'm hoping to be back next month though!

  3. The designs look very trendy and stylish too.The pieces very materialistic good for casual wear.

  4. I do love what you did with Kristi's piece - it would have been very hard for me to come up with something for that! I love the necklace you made with Shannon's piece, as well, and that bracelet looks luxurious!

  5. what is Margie and me? and I love your beaded beads, I need to make some of those for a piece I have in mind. Do you sell a tutorial?

  6. All your piecesare very beautiful!I like the you played with the colors!

  7. Love the royal purple bracelet - the colors and textures are so elegant!