Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Tumbling Tiles

I finally finished my latest tutorial project.
It's a beadwoven bangle that I'm calling

It features a sturdy base of Tila beads woven together with seed beads and embellished with more Tila beads and smaller seeds.

The result is a very modern looking cuff with a lot of structure.
(If you'll notice it stands on its own!)

I listed it this morning, and it's available here in my shop.

Short post today because the newsletter goes out this afternoon!
Have a great day all!


  1. Oh Marcie!!!!! That is yet another stunning bracelet! I am still drooling over your last bangle and now you go and make another one. I can not wait to get one of your tutorials but this bead diet is killing me. does Shelby really need college....humm I have to think on this a bit. LOL

  2. Your work is really beautfiul! I am just not sure if I have the patience for small beads.......but, you are tempting me so!

  3. That bracelet is so drewl-worthy! I've been keen on your tutorials for quite some time now, maybe it's time to actually do it, too. :) Heading to the shop..

    Thanks for the encouraging comments on my blog! You made my day!

  4. Toda una joya, perfecta, adorable y sofisticada!!! besitos

  5. That is absolutely beautiful, Marcie. Love the structured look. The colours are fantastic too. Great work as always!

  6. Absolutely gorgeous Marcie - I am yet to use the Tila beads... your bracelet has inspired me to do so.


  7. Hello nice to meet you.
    I found your design by google search.
    Very nice design!

    Kenji @ MIYUKI Co., Ltd.

  8. I would love to buy this tutorial, but it is no longer listed.

  9. Is it possible to still get this tutorial?