Friday, April 22, 2011

Studio Friday: Why not Saturday?

Because tomorrow I am leaving bright and early to go here:

To buy some beadies from this little shop:

And from there, I will be heading over to here:

To see all of these amazing artists.
I'm very excited, and so I'm showing you my new stuff today.

First up, I made a bright little pair of bobby pins. Yes...I said "pair" even though I have no clue where the second little pin went. If you've seen it, tell it to come home so I can take its photo and put them both in the shop.

I also made this tiny little beadwoven charm, which I hung in the center of a bright saffron pendant my MissFickleMedia. This one I did manage to get in the shop. I call it Morrocan Charm.

I also had some really bright lucite stars on hand which I used to create this little brooch that would be perfect for a teacher gift. It also has loops on the back, so you can string it onto a chain or cord to create a pendant. It's here in the shop as well.

I also spent the better part of yesterday diligently working on a tutorial for Tumbling Tiles.
It should be done sometime next week. Monday, maybe?

I've also got a ring in the works, but it'll probably be Monday before that is done as well.
That's it for this week!
I hope you enjoy your weekend!


  1. I especially like the little beaded piece in the saffron pendant. Have fun in Raleigh! Next time you go, give me a shout :-)

  2. Your Moroccan Charm is stunning! Have a Wonderful Weekend!

  3. Wow, You certainly have been a busy beader. Love the Saffron Pendant. And the star is perfect for July 4th. Have fun shopping this weekend.

  4. I love the little charm for the Saffron Pendant...also the necklace. I love all of your work. Wish I could do it!

  5. ♥Nice post.) Love your blog.))♥