Saturday, April 30, 2011

Margie and Me: The Glamorous Ladies of Hollywood

I really enjoyed working on this month's palettes.
I made a decision to not skip out on either palette, but to definitely try to tackle both of them.
They really were very different in their color sense, but I am very, very happy with the pieces that I created this month, and I've been wearing them since I finished them earlier this week.

The first up was Ms. Grace.
I took the background color of the light gray that I was seeing in the photo, and made it the main color in this piece. It's a soft pleasing color and by adding the little punches of the yellow and garnet in the embroidery, it kept the piece simple, but pleasing to the eye.

In the close-up, you can see that the ocean jasper bead has these little inclusions in it that give it a druzy-esque finish. 

It's a substantial pendant, measuring just over 2" in length, and I beaded a chain to add a little color up the neck. (It really needed it for balance!)
I've called it Grace's Pendant, and I've put it in the shop here.

The second color palette really had me stumped. I don't think I've ever put together these colors and I really struggled with proportion when I started working.

I tried adding the red, subtracting the red, using black as the focal....
In the end, the red got canned. It just wasn't working.

But, I REALLY like the resulting pendant. It's simple, nothing fancy, but it features this really chunky piece of turquoise surrounded by mustard yellow seed beads with transparent turquoise and matte black.

I worked in the soft pink around the edges by creating a picot that is a smooth transition from pendant to skin. The little drop adds some movement and interest to the piece.
I call it the Warhol Pendant and it's also in the shop here.

The best part about both of these pendants?
I kept records as I worked, noting the exact amount of the supplies and the hours that I spent on each piece and then took into account listing fees, paypal fees, shipping materials and time spent photographing each piece which means that they are priced fair to both myself and my customers.
Which means that I'm proud to put them out there knowing that I've given myself and my work the value that it deserves.
It really feels good to know that it's not arbitrary and that the past three years of learning through trial and error and gaining experience through practice are reflected in my work and in the prices that I charge for it.

I do hope that if you played along this month with Margie and Me that you'll leave a comment with a link to your creation!
I would love to see how everyone was inspired by the color palettes.
Have a great weekend all!


  1. Marcie, again another great challenge. I had a lot of fun creating something with the pallet that you gave us to work with.
    I will be adding my challenge piece to my blog as soon as I finish my breakfast.
    Thank you for the challenges you put out for all of us. It really makes one think outside their comfort zone.

  2. Marcie - I not only love the two pendants, but I love this post and you bringing up the pricing. I don't think everyone understands the effort that goes into designing nor working bead embroidery. Bellisimo!

  3. I love them both! I have to tell you that one of the best things I love when you share your creations is that you put them on and photograph them. It is so good to see what they look like on and gives the best judge of size, length and how is wears. Awesome!

  4. Marcie, I always enjoy seeing what you do with the Margie and Me palettes. Lovely. I especially like the beaded chain you made.

  5. Your work never ceases to astonish me and make me happy.

  6. Wonderful pieces, Marcie! I can't decide which one I like the most :)

    Here is my link for my pieces if anyone is interested;

    By the way, I'm really really happy with my tutorials! Going to start with a Persian Rugs bracelet for myself as soon as I finsih my current piece. Yay!

  7. Marcie, I love the pieces you made. You have a unique design style.
    Thank you for the challenge.
    Here is the link to my challenge piece. I had so much fun creating with this pallet.

  8. Great work with both pendants. I loved seeing how you interpreted the palettes.

  9. Marcie - your pieces are WONDERFUL. STUNNING. PIECES of ART. And thanks so much for your thoughts on pricing. Sorry I missed this month :-(

  10. Ok, finally got mine done. So frustrated I missed the deadline, but very much in love with the result of the challenge. Thanks again!!!

  11. Oh I really like your Marilyn piece! That was the palette with which I had the most difficulty.

    Mine is a bit late (ok, a lot) but here it is!