Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Treasury Tuesday

I challenged myself to take an item from my "favorites" list and make a treasury out of it. You should try this, it's a good way to stretch your creativity and look for a theme or create a theme that may or may not be there at first glance.
This list started with that cute little pair of shoes on the second row. I know, this list is really girlie for me, but hey, that's one of my resolutions, right?
Click here to see the original.

Also, I got some beads for Christmas (I know, crazy, right?), so I'm trying to make room for new stuff and have put some destash items in my destash shop.

First up is this loverly gold box clasp. (I had two of these, but the second one was spray-painted...don't ask).

Also, this really honkin' big Tree Pendant.

Some seed beads...don't worry, these are HUGE...I mean like a size 6! (What does anyone do with those?)

Some Bronzite.

I've also got some other things in there as well, you can go here to see it all.
These are all priced at or below what I paid for them, 'cuz I ain't lookin' to make a profit, I just wanna get some of what I paid for them back so I can buy some more beads.
(Isn't that what it's all about anyway?)


  1. Pretty treasury - pink is my favorite! I laughed at your comment about the size 6 beads - I reorganized all my seed beads over the weekend and wondered exactly the same thing about my size 6's. I will probably do a swap with them - but I also feel compelled/challenged to try to do something with them!

  2. I really love the tree pendant but it's a bit silly to pay postage to Australia for such a small item. I think the shipping would cost more than the pendant itself lol!

    I love the treasury... very pretty!


  3. Ooh, really pretty thingies! I especially love the big honkin' tree pendant. It'll make a great statement piece.

    Secret: I have never done a treasury! (head bowed in shame). I heard they're easier now so maybe I'll try it out. Yours is bee-utiful.