Monday, January 10, 2011

Margie and Me - The River and the Village

Okay, here it is! I think you guys have waited long enough for a Margie and Me. But, remember last year I promised a little twist. Well, here's the twist.
This time I've decided to give us a month to work on the challenge! Also, I'm throwing out TWO color palettes. One from Margie and the other from me! I really want to challenge myself this year to create my own color combinations. Obviously I won't have any Delica numbers for my color palette, but I'll give you a photo and a color combo to work from.

Okay, here's the first color palette and it's from Margie. It's #24, The River Sea and it's inspired by the Amazon River. You can see the deep greens and the yellow greens in the forest with the murky brown waters. This is almost a monochromatic color scheme, but still one that is very challenging. Be sure and check out Margie's book, she does a great job balancing the colors.

This is my color palette. I'm calling it the Village Corner. It's a little medicine shop in Dolores Hidalgo, a little village in Mexico. I was lucky enough to make a stop in this cute little town 5 years ago when I went there to study Spanish. We ate ice cream and toured the church there. This is very bright and also almost monochromatic, with just punches of the coral and white.

photo by JBFmx
Now, I know that these two color palettes are totally different from one another, but that's kind of the point! You can choose just one of them to be inspired by or both! Make as many creations as you want and try different inspirations with the colors!

Here's how this monthly challenge will work.
- On the first Monday of the month,  I'll put up the color palettes for the month (I know we're a little late, but roll with me!) and we'll spread the word.
- On the third Monday, I'll do an inspiration and sneak peek post and I'll put up a linky list so you can sneak peek your creation if you'd like to. (Or, in my case it will probably be a pile of beads) For this month, we'll do that on the 17th.
- The final reveal will be on the last Saturday of the month, this month that's on the 29th. I'll be sure and put the linky list up on that date so we can all go visit and see what everyone has created.

I'm excited about new inspiration for the new year.
Let me know what you think about the new challenges. I figured you'd enjoy having a little more time and another color option. I know the more colors the merrier.
Have a great Monday and happy creating!


  1. Woo hoo!!! I was just feeling a little uninspired this morning until I opened this! I'm excited to see all your color palettes this year, Marcie! I love the Beader's Color Palette you chose, and I love your color palette creation too!

  2. I love both of these palettes. Good way to start out the year.

  3. Like the twist you added! And I think a month time is better, too. I'm definitely in. :-)

  4. I would love to give this a beginners attempt. As you know from my recent blog post I am trying to gain more experience. By the way thanks for leaving me a comment. I found it encouraging because I admire your work. Other than the color palette is there other design criteria?

  5. Sweet! I am looking forward to this. I love personal "twist" you added.

  6. I love the new twist! I look forward to seeing all the gorgeous creations!

  7. While I don't work with seed beads, I really enjoy seeing these colour pallets and the designs that come out of them. They challenge me in other ways to work with and think about other colours outside of my comfort zone. I think it's great that you are putting together your own pallets!

  8. How fun! This time I will really try to participate!! I really like that pallet of yours.