Saturday, November 20, 2010

What I've been up to this week

Sorry, I've been so completely AWOL this week. It's been crazy busy around here with things that are completely un-jewelry related (which are my least favorite things!)
Okay, here's the first thing that I got done this week. I call it the Pumpkin Patch Bracelet, and I really haven't taken it off since I made it, the colors are oh-so-perfect for fall, and since we're just now getting into fall here, it's wonderful.

I also used this great little piece of Mexican Jasper to make a pendant that's a little out of my normal comfort zone. I'm really at a loss as to how to name this little beauty, and quite frankly still stunned that I mixed these colors together! I haven't listed this yet....

I call this one Northern Star. The colors are super intense, and I know that they're probably a little more spring/summer inspired, but I couldn't help it, they were just demanding to be put together. These necklaces are so dainty, but make such a statement.

Drops of Fall, a new ring.

Because I really wanted a new band for my rings I hunted down these little etched beauties, and it's a simple change, but it takes the rings to a whole new level. Definitely ups the elegance factor.

Last but not least, I used a little ruffled copper component that I found at Ornamentea to create this necklace that I call Tree Line. Why? Because these are the exact colors of the trees around here. Notice how there's still a little pop of green? Yeah, we have a lot of pines.
This picture is just to prove to you guys that my beading OCD is still alive and kicking. Hey, layering is in right?
Last piece of news, We're moving the Margie and Me reveal to Dec.2. Is that cool with everyone?


  1. What is Margie & Me? Who participates, how did it start, etc. I've just discovered your blog and I am fascinated by your work. One more question while I have your attention:) I think I see a combination of bead embroidery and beadweaving in your work but I'm not always sure which is which. Like in your pumpkin patch bracelet, are the medallions embroidered or just beadwoven? Thanks for your patience.

  2. Love the new work...the red, cream, brown/bronze made me think of Christmas in the desert or roasted chiles or chocolate with cherries. No problem with the reveal move. I'm off all week so that means extra time!

  3. Love the new Tree Line! What a gorgeous pendant.
    Have an awesome bracelet in the works for this Margie and Me!

  4. I'm also fine with Dec 2nd. I have problems nailing down that sandy blue color! Not available in my stash, as I love bright blues.

    The unnamed pendant looks like "Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte" to me. Translated it might be called Black Forest Cherry Cake. The colors are like chocolate, cream and cherries. Have a look if you can find a pic of it online.

  5. Gorgeous!! amazing!! just fantastic!! i love it!

  6. That last shot is incredibley GORGEOUS - all those bracelets!!! ..and the bag you did with Lori was stunning - such beautiful work!

  7. Loving the bracelets Marcie - the layered look is stunning! One can never have or wear too many bracelets!

    I adore the Pumpkin Patch bracelet... stunning colours which are just me.

    I will have to see if I can squeeze in this Margie & Me Challenge. I am still trying to finish my challenge piece I am working on.