Friday, November 26, 2010

Mission Accomplished...

...that is if your mission was to eat a little bit of EVERYTHING.
Thanksgiving was great and we actually pulled together (me and the other three sisses) to make it happen.
Now that that's over, it's Friday and you know what that means....
 the Alabama vs. Auburn game! Duh!
You thought I was gonna say Black Friday didn't you?
Well, it is that too, and I've still got my 15% off sale going on in my shop.
I just added a few new things this morning at SALE prices!
The first is this long medallion necklace that I call Black Lava. It's made from, you guessed it Lava Stone with some gray iris seed beads and gunmetal thrown in for good measure.

 My second new one is actually and old one that was missing from the shop for a while, but it's back in and better than ever. I call this Temperance's Necklace, because I am a huge fan of the show Bones and this big chunky, tribal look reminds me of her every time.

I used an Elaine Ray toggle clasp and wrapped it to create a pendant, I then made a multi-strand necklace to hang it on with some chocolatey brown and navy blue seed beads. The metals are brass and the whole thing has an earthy, natural feel.
Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoy your Friday.
Remember, EVERYTHING in my shop (INCLUDING TUTORIALS) is 15% off until Tuesday!
I'm gonna keep adding a few things here and there everyday at the sale price, and I'll keep you updated, so check back often.
Oh, and Roll Tide!


  1. Love the Temperance Necklace, I could totally see her wearing it!!!

  2. That necklace is SO Brennan. I do love her necklaces. But I really got excited seeing your lava pendant.

  3. Marcie!! they are amazing!! Love it!!