Monday, November 15, 2010

Margie and Me - Mosaic of Color #129

Okay, I know that this isn't exactly the most holiday-esque palette, but I kept flipping back to it yesterday when I was choosing my Margie and Me for the next two weeks. It's called Mosaic of Color and it's taken from Islamic Architecture and the gorgeous tiled mosaics that you'll find pretty much everywhere over there.

Now, if you don't have Margie's book, this really is a must-see palette from the book which means check it out at your library or B&N, remember she also gives Delica numbers so you can really get the colors that she's going for.

Lately, I've been so inspired by Islamic Architecture. The shapes, the patterns, the colors. It's really a wealth of inspiration.

I pulled some of the main colors that Margie focuses on. As you can see from the pictures above, the main color is always this kind of sandy blue color...

with accents of lavender...
and teeny tiny punches of coral and cream.

I really, really, would suggest looking at Margie's book for this one. It's gonna be a challenge, but come on ladies!!! We can do this!!

Also, have you seen the new Beadwork?! I just got mine in the mail on Saturday and I'm so excited to be on page 18 with my Simply Seeds project! It looks so great! The peeps at Interweave are amazing at illustrations and I'm so excited to be in there!
This is the bracelet that's in the mag. It's a little different in the magazine as they wanted it to be a simply seeds project, I got rid of the clasp and created a beaded clasp.

 You really have to check it out, if you don't have a subscription, I would highly recommend getting one, it's my favorite magazine by far.

Finally, here's what I accomplished this weekend:
A bead embroidered headband for a special person...

How close are we to the next Olympics? Because I've been making these things like I've been commissioned by the IOC.

Have a great Monday and let me know if you want to play along with Margie and Me this time, we might move the reveal around to skip over the holidays. What do you think?


  1. Marcie - I LOVE the new challenge palette! that first picture is reminding me a bit of a pattern I purchased a few months ago ;)

    Congrats on yet another publication - I'll look forward to checking it out!

  2. Oh Marcie I did get the Mag and OMG that is a beautiful bracelet! I will be putting it in my must do pile! Great Job!

  3. That new challenge color palette is pretty awesome. And I love that you are inspired by the architecture. That seems right up your alley. Looking forward to seeing this one unfold! Enjoy the day!
    P.S. Congrats on the Beadwork!

  4. This time I'm definitely in! I'm in love with all these shades of blue and maybe I kick the other colors except one or two. OK, off to my seedbead stash.

  5. Well, you know how much I'm inspired by Moroccan architecture ;-) The zellij tilework is so inspiring...I just can't get enough! I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone creates for this challenge. I wish I had time to take part!

    A huuuuuge congrats on your latest publication, Marcie!!! That bracelet is to-die-for ♥ And speaking of publications, did I see your name in a certain stringing magazine also...? ;-)

  6. I was immediately drawn to your bracelet when I opened my issue of Beadwork magazine a few days ago, and I was very happy but not at all surprised to see that it was your design. Congrats on a well-deserved publication!

    Your Margie and Me color palette is very intriguing! Islamic architecture rocks. I'm not sure if I can swing it within the next few weeks for the challenge, but I have to try out this palette!

  7. I'll have to ick up the magazine to see your's gorgeous though! Love that new pendant!

  8. Congrats on the magazine! That's so great! Love the new Margie and Me - turquoise and coral are two faves

  9. Ohhh I so can't wait to get my copy of Beadwork. I got Bead & Button today which means Beadwork mustn't be far away.

    I am pushed for time again this week... trying to get a competition piece finished by 28th Nov. Are you extending the time for this one as suggested?


  10. I read my Beadwork last night, and was excited for you when I saw your name in the Contributors page! That bracelet is very pretty.

    yay, new challenge!

  11. I vote the reveal happens at the usual time--it's hard enough waiting two whole weeks!

  12. I already loved your piece in Beadwork before I saw this blog post. Now I want to know when you'll tell us how to do that great buttery yellow medallion? I LOVE it and want to make one (unless they're addicting as you say in which case I'll make dozens, too!). Thanks! --SallyA

  13. Marcie, I love the color palette, however with Christmas nipping at my heels,and so much beading to do and so little time, I am afraid I will have to pass on this one. But I'll catch you all again after the Holidays.
    I saw your bracelet in Beadworks, and I love it. It reminds me of beautiful stain glass windows in church. You do such beautiful work you deserve to be in the magazines.
    See you for the next challenge.