Saturday, October 2, 2010

Margie and Me - Tuscany Part #2

Like I said, pinky peaches are not my color, but I have had this gigantic pink stone sitting in my bead stash for well over two years. When I started digging through the reserves for this challenge it jumped at me and starting screaming "Pick Me!" in Italian. So, I figured why not...
I paired it with some rhyolite and the softest pink beads around the edges. To break up the wide expanse of pink, I added a few little green leaves and named it Tuscan Leaves Pendant (which is in my shop as my Etsy Beadweavers Challenge entry).

 The second thing I worked on this week is an embroidered headband. I saw similar ones at Target, but of course they were $10 and were actually falling apart as I picked them up, so I decided to make something that holds together a little bit better.

 The design is bead embroidered onto a metal headband that I also covered in silky brown ribbon. Here it is on my head, and it's actually for my sister, so, no, you can't have it....though I do have a question? Be honest. Is it worth making a couple to put in my shop?
These are such a higher quality than the cheapos at Target, but as a result...more expensive. But I assure you, the design is going nowhere. I've attached it with glue that you could use to re-attach a car bumper and then beaded the two pieces together.

 In any case, I've got two more sisters, so you'll at least see two more of these. Last thing is a large, chunky beadwoven cuff I call the Umayyad Cuff. The shape and design were inspired by some repeating patterns that I saw in some of the arabic architecture.

 These toggle bars were made using herringbone with only three stacks of beads.

 It's a really snug fit, which is how I like my cuffs.

Sorry, I don't have more to show you...I had a rough week last week, it involved discovering that one of my tutorials was being passed around by e-mail to whomever wanted it...for free. 
I will not give any more details, and I won't address the person responsible, because I don't believe they deserve it.... this is what I will say....

To those of you who have purchased my tutorials and have spent your money to support me and what I do, and have honored me and other artists by respecting the laws of copyright and ethics that govern any kind of art, I believe with my whole heart that you reap what you sow, and you have sown into my life joy and a sense of honor and respect that means a lot to someone who works hard to create what they do from their own heart. I do not know your personal lives, but I do believe that because you have sown peace and not contention into mine, that you will reap that in your own.

Okay, finally, here are some of the Margie and Me entries that are trickling in slowly but surely to my inbox! This first is my Marge Beebe from Rock Creek Creations she made great use of the terracotta colors that Margie talks about.
I'll keep adding entries as they trickle in, so keep sending me links and pictures! Have a great weekend all!


  1. My goodness, but you've been a busy bee. I'm not a pink person either but your pendant takes pink beyond pretty and frilly. Love it.

    I think your response to the disrespect you've been shown is perfect. Seek the bright side of life! Still I am very sad to hear about this.

  2. ¡Ay caramba y lo siento muchacha! I can't believe that someone would share your tutorial. That's pretty low-down and dirty. The latest issue of Beadwork has an article on copyright issues...and I know that this knowledge does not help remedy the problem because going after the offender = time, money, and energy. A beady curse on the offenders - may their needles break and their threads fray and tangle. May the colors of their beads fade, run, and rub-off. May sharp cornered crystals shear their fireline causing thousands of beads and hours of time to tumble and gush into the floor and roll to the four corners of the room to be lost in the dust bunnies which inhabit those far flung reaches. Ojal√°.

    On a positive note - OMG - that cuff is absolutely stunning! My jaw dropped when I scrolled to it. I love the pattern and colors. The pale blues and cream are a knockout. They remind me of the sand and sea (Gulf of Mx) at Destin and Seaside, FLA (where Truman was filmed). I can totally picture the scroll work in metal and stone in Southern Spain and the mid-east that inspired you. And I so admire your nimble fingers that can hold together the tiny stack to make a 3 row herringbone. I was just going crazy (and cut off all my nails) making 4 stacks. ¡Bravo!

  3. Oh Marcie I am sorry that someone did that to you! I am thankful that I did not see it that is just plain wrong!!! Your response was so dignified and respectful even though I know your heart is broken.
    Your pieces are beautiful such beautiful work!


  4. Oh Marcie. I am so sorry that this nasty beast has touched you. You are such a kind person. I have bought tutorials from artists and it would never occur to me to share that with anyone. So sorry.

    I love the headband. It looks so great on your curly hair. I was thinking that the bracelet you showed would make a spectacular headband. Would that work?

    Enjoy the day!

  5. So sorry to hear about the bad experience with the tutorial. It just boggles my mind...what some people do. The headband is gorgeous! I think you should put some in the shop.

  6. That's really disappointing isn't it. I mean tutorials these days don't cost a huge amount of money and one should respect the'd like to think being a beader themselves they would do that but obviously not.

    On a happier note I love what you have created. That headband is just adorable - what a great idea! The pendant is beautiful too and I love the little leaves you added. And what can I say about the cuff other than I l♥ve it!! Such a pretty design. Do you think you will be releasing a tutorial for this one (either for sale or in a magazine)?

    I think I am going to have to give "Margie and Me" a miss this week. I haven't even had a chance to check out my beads so I think I will start with the next palette you choose. Looking forward to it!


  7. I love your pendant! It is so soft and lovely. I love how you took it and made it your own! Those headbands are fabulous!! I am sure that your sisters will love them. That cuff is outstanding also. Great way to incorporate structure into jewelry.

  8. Hi Marcie!
    SO sorry I had to bail on the challenge this week. My other life, the web design side, came calling and there just weren't enough hours in the day to get everything done. But wow, what beautiful treasures you've been designing!

    I love all of the pieces you've posted. I wasn't feeling the whole idea of the headband, but seeing one put together and actually in someone's hair, it really does look beautiful. Your challenge piece is gorgeous.... love the layered effect....... and the cuff is lovely. The toggles are perfect. I need to get more creative with toggles because I have had the worst luck with some sterling ones I've used in the past coming apart. :(

    I love the high road you've taken regarding the whole copyright issue. Wish everyone had the class and respect you have. Karma tends to be a bitch, so there's probably something *special* waiting in the wings when they least expect it. ;)

    Hang in there, and happy beading!

  9. I think you rock! Thanks for the good words and respect for the creative world. Plus, that cuff is absolutely amazing...never seen anything like it!!