Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Artists Answer: Denise Yezbak Moore

Denise Yezbak Moore is a freelance jewelry designer who is frequently published in a variety of beading magazines.  Her fascination with antique jewelry led her to create jewelry.  She Lives in Orange County, CA with her husband Rusty and their two children Garrett and Britton.
 I first started noticing Denise's creations when I picked up my Bead Star 2009. I was so impressed with her creativity and sense of style. Her name immediately came to mind when I started looking for artists to feature for my series. I am continually inspired by her work and was so excited when she agreed to tell us a little about how she organizes her stash.

 How do you organize?

That is a funny question. I am forever in search of the perfect organizational system for the beader/jewelry designer. I do not think one has been discovered yet. For my personal bead stash I use black stacking trays that fit perfectly into an antique armoire. My findings and beading wire are kept in plastic containers that are also located in the armoire. I display my art beads and pendants in artisan ceramic bowls that I keep in my office. Some of my newly published designs or items for sale on Esty hang on a rustic wire tree.

My Art Clay Silver supplies are located on a workbench in my garage. I use a “Lazy Susan” stationary holder to display my tools and clay. I also have a nuts and bolts plastic rack that I purchased from Home Depot to hold smaller tools and molds.

What are your tips for organization?   
I design for Halcraft USA, the supplier of “Bead Gallery” beads sold at Michael’s.  Since I work with such a large volume of beads, I needed to come up with a convenient inventory system that would visually inspire me.  I decided to make a purchase of small round metal displays that spin.  I found rounders on eBay.  I group the beads into colors or materials.  It is a perfect system for me.  It’s like having a bead store in your studio (or my case “beading office”).  My hope is to one day transfer all my personal beads into this beading system.  It would require a considerable amount of time to restring my tremendous amount of beads. I think it would be worth it, I just need to find the time.

(I am loving this idea, it would make me feel like I was "shopping" for beads everyday!)

How do you stay organized as you work? 

Before I start designing, I select all the materials I will need and put them on a tray.  I then gather my beading tray, tools and Ott Lite.  I like to design at night on the couch.  I know it sounds strange, but this allows me the freedom to design and spend time with my husband and children.  My husband calls my workspace on the couch “the nest” because I am surrounded by everything I need.

How do you organize your ideas? 

Most of my designs are one-of-a-kind; inspired by the materials I am working with at the time.  Often, when an idea pops into my head I will sketch in a journal (I use the word sketch loosely).  I also have a binder were I file photos and magazine pages that inspire me.

Thanks so much Denise for your insight! I hope you've enjoyed sneaking around her creative space as much as I have. If you'd like to see more of Denise's designs, here's some places you can find her:

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  1. I just adore Denise. Thanks for sharing her story with us. Very inspiring use of organization. I am amazed that she creates such drop dead gorgeousness on the couch. My back hurts just thinking about it!

    Enjoy the day!

  2. Loved hearing about Denise's design process. I design on the couch, too. I'm forever dropping beads between the sofa arm and cushions! I love the idea of the "bead shop" arrangement for beads. Very inspiring!

  3. Denise is a wonderful friend, and an incredible artist! And I must say, much more organized than I am!
    Erin S

  4. I love the shopping for beads idea. Thanks for sharing!

  5. This was a fascinating interview. Thank you.

  6. can I come over, Denise, and shop in your studio? how fun that would be!! I love your organization skills, wanna come over and help me with mine. geesh. after countless rearranging, it's still not working!
    Jewelry is your niche, I can see your passion come out in your work and I admire that so much!

  7. I work at Michaels in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and LOVE the BEAD GALLERY beads!!! I also teach the jewelry making classes and use lots of HALCRAFT USA bead gallery beads...It seems like we both have DREAM jobs :)

  8. Love the organizational skills. Something I have to work on.

  9. Loved learning more about Denise! I never would have thought to keep the beads like that! It's a great idea and it looks so inspiring!

  10. Wow - This is like all my beading idols on one page. Thanks girls.

  11. I have that rustic wire tree. I have yet to put it to great use!