Saturday, September 18, 2010

Margie and Me - The Slipper Orchid Part 2

Each week when I start to approach my Margie and Me project I think about past projects...size, shape, profile...and this week as I looked at the orchid, I thought that my Ishtar Ring would be perfect to kind of mimic the shape of the orchid.

So, I took the colors of the orchid and translated them into an Ishtar Ring. I wanted to mimic the way the orchid has that progression from dark in the center to light on the outer rim. I tried to work in the curry yellow, and every time, I just was not crazy with the result.

I probably won't list this one, but if you're just dying for an orchid know where to find me. :)

Okay, now's the part where I give y'all a huge thanks for how you guys responded to my destashing efforts. I sent out 3 packages of goodies yesterday! And I ain't done's the latest...well, at least what I could get listed for today.
A Sterling Silver Clasp from Israel...
Size 6 Czech Seed Beads in burn-your-corneas red. (Yes, I know, what am I doing selling seed beads? Well, this is one time in my life when I happen to think that size 6 is just too big.)

Some Topaz Silver-Lined seed beads (Size 6 again)

Whew! Okay...that's all I'm gonna list for now.
But, I have one more thing to show you. I promised you a tutorial and here it is! I no longer have a butt, why? Because I worked it off last night finishing the tutorial for my Perfect Geometry Cuff.

I really can't stress to you how much fun this is to make, but also how easy. All you need are three different colors of seed beads! If you'd like to check it out, it's listed here.

I think that this would make a great Christmas present for a teenager if you've got one who's a little picky. Just figure out her favorite colors and get to beading.
Alright, I'm outta here. I hope you enjoy your weekend, and I'll see you guys on Monday with a new Margie and Me! 


  1. What a nice post. Love the ring. I would keep it too, it looks great on. The listing I will check out and yes the cuff seem perfect for the holidays
    Have a great weekend

  2. Love the ring, colors are fantastic, and I love, love the cuff bracelet!
    Have a great weekend!

  3. Bello todo, el anillo, la pulsera... y gracias por darnos a conocer algunos materiales!!