Thursday, September 16, 2010

Goal #2 Part 2

Got the last of today's destash stuff up this afternoon. Here's what we've got...

Strand of multi-colored gemstones. ( guess..)
Some multi-strand end caps in a silver color...

There's a snowman head in there. :)
A mix of Swarovski Bicones...
These little open beaded circles. At one point, I was gonna create something amazing with them, and then it didn't pan out, and instead of cutting them up, I thought I might offer them to you guys. I think they would make some cool earrings or maybe connectors in a bracelet or something, or maybe a charm, I dunno...use your imagination!
Finally, some gunmetal earwires.
Whew, I'm nowhere near done...there's more tomorrow. Also, in case you missed it, I put some other stuff in this morning, just check the post right before this one. Some things have sold, so you'll just have to see if what you want is there and some people have reserved some things, so they are no longer in the shop. 


  1. Nice little stash there.

    Hey I have a quick little question about the Herringone stitch. Are you able to email me at


  2. Ah boo, the crystals are already sold.

    BTW, I'm so stoked that you wrote a blog about your friends who inspired you in metalwork -- I bought a ring from one of them!