Friday, August 6, 2010

My Issue with Pantone...

First of all, let me say, it has nothing to do with the colors. In fact, I'm rather fond of them. (I've shown some examples of my favs here.)

See...what happened wuz...I started flipping through the online Fall Color Report, (You can get it here) and I was immediately struck by the artists' illustrations of the women that I was seeing.

Strand Japanese Mocha Jasper Stone Cushion by SmartBirdStudio
Pantone: Oyster Gray and Rose Dust

Now, I know that this topic has been beat deader than a dead horse, but I consider myself to be kind of on the fringes of the high fashion world (okay, so I'm not even on the same planet) so, I was kind of stunned to see how skinny these women were in these illustrations.

A Tear in Amethyst Ring by Mercury Orchid
Pantone: Purple Orchid

I mean, I'm not sure how Ella Moss' little chickadee sportin' the chocolate truffle is supposed to be standing up, but please don't run into her on a crowded street! You'll break both her legs! (and quite possibly her arms!)

Quilting Fabric, Nicey Jane Collection by Heather Bailey from Mimis
Pantone: Lagoon and Golden Glow

That's to say nothing of Thuy's Golden Glow, who seems to have lost not only her thighs, but her shoulders as well.
And I shall not even mention Tommy Hilfiger's Lipstick Red, but I'm sure it was the color that should have mimicked a tube of lipstick and not her ankles.

Now, I understand that these are idealized and stylized images....but is that not the problem? These designers are held up as the purveyors of fashion and this is their ideal, their style, one that is physicaly impossible to attain.

I know this is an old topic, and this is one of the reasons that I vehemently avoid newstands, but for some reason, flipping through the Pantone report the other day, it really annoyed me.
I guess the non-reality of the whole thing really hit me.

Anyway, back to work tomorrow!


  1. oh, you went there...i'm trying ,but nope, i can't keep my mouth shut..oh no..
    the real question for me:
    who is a fashion designer anyway, and how did a few people get put in positions to decide for us ALL what is considered IN..this season..not long term..just for afew months.
    then its something different..does anyone else see this as just weird.
    also i totally agree about the non reality of the models..they look 10yrs old..

  2. I agree with you 100%!! The images of women as waifs (or stick insects, maybe) is ridiculous. NO ONE looks like these pictures and, if they do, they are unhealthy and probably near death. Too many women and young girls starve themselves to death trying to look like these fantasy pictures. Thank godness for men (like my sweet husband) who like a girl with a little meat on her bones! :)

  3. Oh good god Marcie I'll never get anything done today if I go "there". I'm right there with you and to say it makes me crazy is an understatement! Nothing much seems to have changed over the centuries. I love the lines in Pirates of the Caribbean when Elizabeth Swan is not thrilled to be wearing a corset. (That Daddy bought for her from Paris because it was the latest) Since you probably don't have all day, I have deleated 3/4 of my comment and I'll shut up now and just raise my coffee to you in my size 12 (with lycra) cut-offs:)

  4. I was looking at the report the other day and noticed it too but I thought maybe in my 8 months pregnant state that I was just over-reacting. Good to know it wasn't just my hormones on the rampage :)

  5. Hey, I'm with ya. Totally with ya.

  6. Oh yeah I am so there too! I'll even go one better..... Breasts WOMEN HAVE THEM why don't models??


  7. Yes, yes, yes! Their so called 'ideals' are unattainable and just plain dangerous...Cindy is right, many women and girls starve themselves in their quest to look like this. I won't ever be buying my (nearly) 3 year old daughter a Barbie doll about creating a doll which looks like a real woman, rather than one with unrealistic Amazonian proportions? Now, back to my coffee with full fat milk... ;-)

  8. Amen, sister. So pointless to adhere to this idealized female form.
    I decide what is beautiful and I will fight till I'm dead to prove to my daughter she does not need to look like what the magazines (and all of society for that matter) portray to be beautiful.