Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Guessing Game and some newbies

It all started when I purchased 4mm faceted czech rounds in the color Amaranth from I honestly thought the color was different than it was (read: less pink). Well,
it wasn't so the next challenge was to create something with these little boogers and a color that is normally a BIG challenge for me.
The first thing I managed to crank out was (of course) a Tidepool ring. The second was a bracelet that I'm calling Ruby Quatrefoil. It's a repeating pattern that closes with a beaded toggle clasp.

It has a layered quatrefoil look and each little component reminds me of a starburst or fireworks (since it was just previously the 4th of July).

Instead of trying to keep the pinkish hue of the faceted czech glass, I used a lot of deep maroons and burgundys and a color called red wine to "force" the beads to go red. (I picked up that term from my mom the artist who taught me that colors change when surrounded by other colors.)
The finished product, I like, and so...Ruby Quatrefoil made the cut to my shop.

I'm also putting this little ring called Field of Poplars in my shop. I made it by cutting teeny tiny pieces of paper into small shapes to make a landscape. It's 1" by 1" and I'm still amazed that I don't go blind after playing with little pieces of paper that tiny!

Okay, finally, the Guessing Game. Here's the latest. This one is hard, so I'll give you a hint: think old Hollywood. Good luck, and leave me a comment with your guess, I'll post a link to the treasury tomorrow.
(By the way, you've got to read the titles on this listings before you make your guess, sometimes they give you a clue!)


  1. Love the bracelet! You sure do have a gift! As far as the treasury goes 'I got nothin' but it was fun to try!

  2. What a beautiful bracelet! Congratulations!

  3. The bracelet is soo cool - I love it. I have to start working on my bracelet from your tutorial....

  4. I love the color!!!! What a lovely bracelet and your ring is amazing:)