Thursday, July 29, 2010

Fall on the Brain...

I think it's because I'm so sick of the hot, hot, hot, humidity of summer, but I am so ready for fall. I have a thing for scarves and sweaters and boots and dark brown, so I've been making things with Autumn on the brain.
The first is a sweet little bead embroidered pendant that I call Autumn Raindrops.

The second has absolutely nothing to do with fall, it's a Carnaval Pendant in singe-your-corneas-electric blue and man is it great.

I'm still destashin'....some picasso jasper teardrops (I just noticed that the way that I had these laid out would make an awesome necklace, I just have no clue about how to get them to stay that way!)

A bunch of silver-colored textured toggles...

And some's my birthstone, but I'm completely at a loss about what to do with it, so I'm passing it on....

Goin' to the library today...any suggestions?


  1. I just love all those bead embroided pendants you make. They are fantastic and beautiful!!! love them

  2. Oh no! Is it already that part of the summer when everyone starts blogging about the Fall?? It's like those dreaded "Back to School" commercials you saw as a kid! I am still SO happy that it's summertime, I am dreading the mere mention of Fall. Anyone else out there like me? :-) I can take the heat!
    Your new pendants are beautiful...and the Carnival pendant is in my FAVORITE colors!!! :-)