Saturday, July 31, 2010

Destashin' and rehashin'...

Added a bunch of new stuff to the destash shop...
some tribal beads,

some druks in lovely autumn colors,
Tiger's Eye gemstones,
really bright blue peacock freshwater pearls,

and some morrocan-inspired connectors.

I've also been doing a lot of thinking lately about streamlining my shop. I feel like it's kinda all over the place in terms of what I'm listing. I don't feel like there's a cohesiveness or a focus (although round pendants seem to be a theme with me.) I've been doing a lot of bead embroidery lately and I'm totally falling in love with it all over again.
I'm thinking about making a fall collection, maybe? Something more focused with a similar color scheme. I may not list anything for a while and just take some time to organize my thoughts, I dunno...just thinkin'...what shops do you guys like?


  1. I like shops like yours that inspire me! It isn't all over the place. I can look at every piece and think - oh my gosh how cool is that. Keep going, but if it feels wrong for you - we'll be waiting until you feel better about what you are doing :)

  2. Marcie, your pieces may not form a cohesive collection in theory, but it is your distinctive style (and photos!) that brings them all together. There is no mistaking your work! Perhaps start sketching some ideas, or creating a few sample pieces, to see whether a collection is something that would make you happy. Would you tire of creating many pieces in the same colour palette? Would you be happier creating a collection based on a theme? I don't think you can please all of the people all of the time...some people will like shops with collections, others will prefer shops with an eclectic mix of pieces. No matter which path you travel, I think what is most important is that your work is distinctively 'you' :-)

    I'm currently working on two different collections in my own work, based on vastly different themes...I need focus otherwise I go off on tangents and never get anything finished LOL And having a cohesive collection of pieces that I can present to the world makes me happy :-) But that's just me!

    I say, do whatever makes your creative soul sing! If a Fall collection would make you happy, then go for it! :-) I know that you will (continue to!) be a success no matter what you do! B. -xo-

  3. Oh my, this is why I love meandering through blogs and meeting new creative people. Your work is gorgeous.