Monday, May 10, 2010

Margie and Me

I happen to believe that this is one of the best books a beader can buy. I can't tell you how many times I've gleaned valuable color inspiration from this book by Margie Deeb. So, last night as I was browsing through the pages for the umpteenth time I decided to challenge myself.

Could I make a piece of jewelry from each of the inspiration categories in her book? Allow me to explain...Margie has, ingeniously I might add, divided her book into inspirational sections. Historical palettes, nature, and cultures of the world are just a few of the places she pulls from for inspiration. Each has a unique and interesting approach to color, most of which happen to lie way outside my color comfort zone (read: turquoise, blue, and purple).

So, my challenge is to take a new pallette each week and to create something that week using the colors in the pallette.

Here's an example:
My Molten Lava Cuff was created using Margie's Blinking Embers Pallette (#12). It's a beautiful combo of contrasting oranges and yellows with smoky grays and blacks. I took the liberty of throwing red in because I wanted a little extra heat!

This week's color challenge:
Baldacchino (#73). Inspired by Bernini, a Baroque artist, this palette is a mix of gold and silver metallics with black and bronze accents and a rich, shimmery hunter green thrown in. I can't wait to get workin' and hopefully by Saturday I can show you what I've got.

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  1. That is a great challenge, Marcie! I think that you are on to something. I think I have this book too. I did something similar in 2008. I opened the book to a page, closed my eyes and pointed. I challenged myself to use that color palette in a piece for publication. Orange, purple and green. That was a challenge for me! But I actually love what I created and it has become a signature look of mine.
    Looking forward to seeing what you create!
    Enjoy the day!