Saturday, May 22, 2010

Margie and Me - India Pink - Part 2

Well, it's Saturday (wow, the week went fast), and I wanted to show you the result of playing around with Margie Deeb's India Pink palette. If you missed the explanation of the colors, you can check it out here. The first think I did was drop the gold. I found these shiny shimmery green faceted czech glass beads, and I knew that they had to be the green in the color palette. I also knew I wanted to create a pendant, maybe a medallion. So, this was the first attempt.

I liked it, but it seemed a little rigid to me, not organic enough, it needed a softer flow. So, instead of starting with the faceted glass vertical, I started the pendant with the beads lying horizontal. Which produced my second attempt.

Almost, but still a little too geometric. I really wanted that mandala shape, so I added two beads to the center to soften the curve and ended up with this:

This is my favorite. I call it I'm Sari and it's made the cut into my shop. I wore it yesterday and really, really liked it. I think beadwork walks a fine line. It's not necessarily the most "in" thing right now, and one of my challenges is to create beadwoven items that aren't too much, but just enough, but that also have some modern appeal. I think a great beadwoven pendant really fits the bill.
Which one is your favorite?

Oh, and also, if you'd like to play along week to week with my little challenge, feel free, simply leave me a comment with the link to your blog and I'll post it here on Saturday. You've got to have Margie Deeb's The Beader's Color Palette to play. I'll post the new colorway on Monday, you check it out in the book, and post your creation on Saturday. I'll post the link to your blog in my Saturday post. I think it's great to push yourself a little bit and get out of your color comfort zone!
Enjoy the weekend!


  1. I think I actually perfered the first pendant with number 3 coming in a close second!

  2. I really like the third pendant that you attemtped, though all three of the pendants are georgeous!
    I also like your idea of trying something new, in a color palette each week. I look forward to seeing what you create next!

  3. I am sorry but I can't tell. I have spent quite some time now looking at all three back and forth. It is amazing how you can create three things so different with the same material. Absolute different feelings. All great. I can't tell.

  4. My favorite is #3. I like #1, but it doesn't have the softness that you see in saris. #2 is nice, but my eyes can't focus on it...not sure why. #3 is a nice combo of structure and softness. LOVELY!!
    Bead Happy!

  5. my favourite is actually the first. the colours stand out the most there..though the thired is my second favourite! :) awesome job!