Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Component Beading

I've been playing around with an idea that I call component beading. Basically, you take one small beaded component, and then link it together with other components exactly like it to create different kinds of jewelry. I've discovered that the possibilities are pretty much endless. You can change the colors, the beads, the way you connect the components.

For example, each of the four little circular crosses that you see in this pendant are the pieces that I use to create my lace bracelets, like Under the Sea. But, for the pendant, I connected them at the tips. I really like the look of this, it's bright and shimmery, kinda outta my norm, but it catches the summer sun so well. I call it Lavender Lace.
Here's a second version that I'm not so crazy about. I tried to go a little more summery with bright colors, and I'm just not quite as pleased with the overall look.

I'm putting Lavender Lace in my store, I wore it last night and really liked it. I think the bubbly turquoise pendant will have to wait for another day, we'll mark it down as practice and keep it in mind for later. :)
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  1. very pretty, and you are right lavender lace is prettie, I think the turquoise just stands out too much, sill pretty, but just not as pretty as the lavender lace