Tuesday, March 16, 2010

ABS and I still hate orange...

I didn't enter the ABS Challenge last month so... come what may, I was determined to get my entry in this month, and for the first time, I made my own art bead, um, pendant. Here's the necklace. It features my pendant made with resin and then I created some wireworked flowers for the chain.

Here's an up-close of the flowers. They are a modified version of the ones that Maggie Ruggiero created for Bead Star. I used her basic idea, but had to do some modifications because the wire in front of the stones completely hid their good-lookin'ness.

Okay, now for my arch-nemesis. I got to thinkin' about the color orange, and I thought...ya' know, I really do hate it, but I'm going to do my best to find something to inspire me in this color. So, I took a camera and a la Project Runway, took pictures of everything orange in my house. Shall we begin??
First up, laundry...um...nope, not inspiring.

Books. These are the only bright orange books in my house. Funny they're in Spanish. Still not inspired. At least, not by the books, I'm sure a trip to Mexico would get the creativity flowing...any takers?

Scissors. Useful...but not inspiring.

Honey Nut Cheerios box, extremely delicious but not inspiring.

Sweet Potato Fries, even more delicious than Cheerios, but still uninspiring.

There, I rest my case, I am totally and completely uninspired by the color orange. Now, you might ask..."Marcie, why didn't you go looking for jewelry with orange?" Simple, because they don't let them look at other designer's work on Project Runway. Now, someone prove me wrong about orange......or, just tell me what color you love to hate.


  1. Good looking necklace! I'm with you on orange. I don't like orange, I never have, and I won't even try. But I wouldn't mind a tray of those sweet potato fries.

  2. Hey friend! I looooove the necklace...and, as for orange, go see my blog!!! haaaaaaaaaaaa I won't take offense to your lack of orange inspiration...I'm just going to send you a ton of orange beads!!!! haaaaaaaaaa

  3. Here's my take on orange...I hope it'll give you a laugh!!! :) http://jenjuddrocks.blogspot.com/2010/03/can-you-really-hate-orange.html

  4. I hate, hate, HATE orange....it puts the fear of god into me....what IS the point of this colour? It's just a big bold block of colour that cannot be teamed with ANYTHING to make it look nice, attractive, inviting, subtle, cosy etc, etc.....it just ALWAYS looks out of place!

    I do, however, like oranges????

    have a good day ;o)


    hello gorgeous xxx

  5. Marcie, I LOVE your necklace! What a lovely interpretation of the ABS challenge painting! Plus, it inspired you to make your own art pendant! Bravo!

    As for the orange, I have to disagree yet from the pictures you've taken, I can see why you might be less than inspired. Hmmmmm that gives me an idea...I'll be back ;-)


  6. Es un collar precioso,me gustan todas las piezas que le has puesto!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!