Wednesday, February 24, 2010

What do you think?

First of all, silver is hard to photograph on limestone. I had to pull out some gray scrapbook paper to get a good pic of this guy. This pendant was kind of a trial run. I used a technique that I had seen in a magazine and adapted it to creat a pendant. It's silver beads with pearlized blue beads in the center and aventurine rounds on the outside. It's woven with two layers, so it's got some nice heft to it and when worn, hangs more in an oval shape which kind of mimics the chain it's hung on. Silver Loop Pendant is in my shop.

I also put a new tidepool ring in the shop to replace the purple one that I sold. I didn't finish this ring off, so it can be customized to fit you. OH MY GOSH!! As I was writing this blog post, someone just bought my ring! Okay, well....I still have all the goods, so if you would like a Tuscan Tidepool Ring, let me know, and I can make one for you! ( the link, I just re-listed it)

Okay, well, once I recover from the shock of original reason for writing this post was that I wanted your critique on my Silver Loop pendant. It's a new design and like any, it's gonna need some tweaking. I'm looking at trying it again in some different colors, maybe even patterns. What do you think about the shape? I know (because I've checked your profiles!) that my followers are super talented ladies with a great eye for good design, so shoot straight with me and give me what ya' got. Thanks ahead of time for your input. Sometimes I'm so close to my work that I can't see the forest for the trees!


  1. That is so cool that your ring sold right before your very eyes! I love the oval design. It has a nice flow to it. I especially like the pattern of the silver beads. These colours are good but I can easily see it other colours as well. Very nice.