Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Keys to the Kingdom

Recently, I re-read one of my favorite books. Sabriel, by Garth Nix, is a fantasy tale about a young girl who inherits her father's position of being The Abhorsen, a necromancer whose job is to bind dead things that have stayed too long in life. It is one of my favorite fantasy books and ranks right up there with Tolkein, L'Engle, Lewis, and Le Guin in my book. When I finished the book I was inspired by the cover design, to create something to mimic the key pattern in her tunic.
This is the result. I call it Keys to the Kingdom and I was lucky enough to find these little lock and key clasps hanging out at my local bead store. It is woven with matte delicas and the keys were created using silver delicas for contrast. I'm really in love with the way this bracelet turned out and it's the second time that I've used a double clasp, which I also really like.

My last picture is my entry for the October Art Bead Scene challenge. I created a twisted herringbone bangle and used a connector from Jennifer Heynen as a focal point. It doesn't have a clasp, it's just wide enough to slide over my hand. Every time I look at it I think how cute it would look on an elementary school teacher. I really like the look of the twisted herringbone as a bangle and will probably be doing another one of these in the future.
Finally, I have a question for my bead buddies. I'm heading up to Washington, D.C. this week to take my mom to Mount Vernon and the Smithsonian. Does anyone have any good bead spots that I absolutely MUST visit?? I'd be so grateful for the suggestions! Have a great Sunday!


  1. Love both bracelets. You do amazing work.

  2. ¡¡¡Original√≠simo!!! Todas las llaves Apuntando a las cerraduras del Candado, Parecen que van caminando como hileras de hormiguitas. ¡¡¡Eres una artista! Felicidades!!!