Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tip Tuesday - Bead Refuse Bowl

In an effort to make this blog something more than just a scrapbook of my work, I've decided to include some things that I think will be helpful for my readers. So, we'll start here with "Tip Tuesday". I always enjoy reading the hints and tips in jewelry magazines, and I thought...wouldn't it be great if I could put together some hints and tips for my readers, maybe even interview some other artists to find out what little things they do to make creating easier or more enjoyable.
So, today, I'll start it off with a little something that I call "The Bead Refuse Bowl". Okay, so I totally borrowed this one from Ms. Ray, but it has really come in handy. I keep a bowl (standard cereal bowl) right beside my workspace and when I clip a thread, trim a ribbon, empty a bead tube, or break a bead...into the Refuse Bowl it goes! It has worked wonders to keep my space a little neater and it makes cleaning up a snap. Here's a picture of what mine looks like at the moment:

When I get the dough, I'm gonna spring for a cute little handmade Refuse Bowl from Etsy, until then, my Wal-Mart cereal will have to do! How about you? How do you get rid of bead refuse?


  1. Great idea! I will need to begin a more orderly way of keeping my space clear, there always seems to be a little pile of trash scraps on my work surface. Hmmm, maybe I need to make myself a little ceramic bead refuse bowl - something cute and functional!

  2. Marcie! This is Marcy! I was just at the Objects & Elements blog and did not even realize I was in the summer color contest. Now the contest is over, but I was reading through the comments and saw yours about voting for me because we have the same name! There are not too many Marcy's. My real name is Marcia, nickname Marcy. Is Marcie your real name or nickname? I just subscribed to your blog, we are birds of a feather about jewelry! Thank you for voting for me. Marcy