Thursday, September 3, 2009

Right-Angle-What?? (...and the Giveaway!)

I told you a while back that I was starting to experiment a little with techniques that I'd never used before. Well, here's my second attempt at RAW. This one is very autumn-esque and just a little shimmery and shiny. (More so that I'm used to.) I tend to be a frosted/matte glass beads kinda girl, so even owning shiny beads presents a problem for me. I like the outcome though, and I was pleasantly surprised to find out how well one can transition from RAW to peyote. I used peyote to create the ends of the bracelet. I felt like it needed a little more strength at the clasp. I thought about throwing this into the giveaway, but it's a tad smaller than standard bracelet size, and I think "snug" on me would be "unwearable" to anyone else!
Oh, and speaking of giveaways!! Don't forget about mine! Spread the word people! You've only got until Friday night to enter and then it's over! It's Thursday, so that means cardio rehab (for my mom) and our weekly trip to Panera Bread! I think that's the only reason she goes to rehab. (I know it's the only reason I go!)
Have a good one!


  1. Marcie de verdad que haces joyeria muy linda. Y con RAW. Si este es tu segundo intento, te aseguro que ya eres una experta!!!! Tienes una habilidad increible. Aca en Puerto Rico tengo un grupo de amigas y solo dos, entre ellas yo, hemos podido cogerle el truco al RAW. La verdad que no es facil, pero definitivamente ya tu lo manejas super bien!!!

  2. Beautiful. I love the change in stitches at the ends. Also the colour.

  3. Perfecta Combinación de colores, otoño parece, ¡¡¡Muy buena idea!.
    Has hecho muy bien la técnica, a mi me parece complicada. ¡¡¡Preciosa!
    Muchas gracias por el comentario agradable en mi blog.Muchos besitos