Tuesday, August 25, 2009

These are a few of my favorite things....

Okay, here's a round-up of some things that I've been admiring lately:
First, about three years ago I bought a purse from a woman who owned a shop in our little downtown area. Her Etsy shop is called Lala Land and she carries the most beautiful purses. I highly recommend buying from her, my purse is three years old and it's just beginning to show wear. The picture below is of the purse that I bought for her as a gift for my sister. My sister loved it and wears it every fall when the cooler weather comes on.

Secondly, I've been looking to get a new purse (as much as I don't want to let my old one go!). I found Appetite on Etsy, and I really like her over-the-shoulder bags. They are great for hands-free shopping, and since I'm normally out with at least one niece or nephew, hands-free is essential.
Third, I've been browsing through Jacaranda Designs lately, and I came across this lovely bracelet. I love the way she's woven the knot into the bracelet so seamlessly. It's beautifully designed, along with the rest of the items in her shop. I would love to buy something from each of these shops for fall, but unfortunately, I can't....

Why?? Because, I bought these: Dancing Shoes. Our Salsa classes start up next month and I was in need of some shoes pretty badly. I got a great deal though, and I'm lookin' forward to testing them out when Salsa rolls around next month.

Well, have a great Tuesday.

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  1. Esas carteras estan bellas!!! voy a darle una ojeada a los etsy shop!!
    Sabes? Mi Puerto Rico es la cuna de la salsa!!!! En nuestro pais nacieron grandes exponentes de la salsa. Excelentes compositores y cantantes. Te recomiendo la musica de los 80's de "El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico", Andy Montanez (mi favorito), musica de los 90's de Gilbertito Santarosa y la Sonora Poncena. De la salsa moderna me gusta Mark Anthony y Victor Mannuelle. Disfrutate tus clases. A mi me fascina bailar, es una sensacion expectacular y la salsa me encanta. Soy boricua y llevo la salsa de mi Puerto Rico por dentro en mi alma.