Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tag! I'm it!

Mari of Mis Amores tagged me yesterday and invited me to play. Of course I want to play! Here are the rules:
-List six silly things that make you happy
-Mention and link to the person who tagged you
-Tag six of your favorite bloggers to play
Here are my silly things:

1. Watching the movie Cars with my nephew. It's a silly kids movie, but I laugh every time that Mater says, "He did whut een he's cup?!!!"
2. Listening to this song.
3. Reading these jokes.
4. Making up synchronized swimming routines with my sisters in the pool. (yes, I'm 26 years old...)
5. Dancing whenever anyone's cell phone rings. (It's a tradition with my family, therefore we all have dance-worthy ring tones.)
6. Inside jokes. (I'd love to share a couple with you, but then it wouldn't be an inside joke!)

So here are the six people that I've chosen, in no particular order...
Erin of Every Heart Crafts
Pam from Wait Just One More Bead
Lisa from Lucid Moon Studio
Krisztina from Carmen's Beads
Kristie from Artisan Clay

1 comment:

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